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Semester Transition


Surging toward semesters...

Cincinnati State will shift to a semester calendar on August 29, 2012.

Now is the time to talk to your advisor and get ready for semesters.

See the semester curriculums and courses.

Here’s the list of all degrees and certificates available on semesters. (You are opening a 6-page list updated on 6/20/2012.)

Here are the General Education Requirements for all degrees.

Here are the curriculums (information accurate as of 7/16/2012, but will be corrected if errors are found):

Business Technologies Degrees (19 pages) Certificates (7 pages)
Center for Innovative Technologies Degrees (28 pages) Certificates (5 pages)
Health and Public Safety
Degrees (19 pages) Certificates (28 pages)
Humanities and Sciences
Degrees (2 pages)
Humanities and Sciences
Assoc. of Arts
Degrees (4 pages)
Humanities and Sciences
Assoc. of Sciences
Degrees (4 pages)
Humanities and Sciences Certificates (5 pages)

Important Notes:

All courses have 3 numbers

  • example: ENG 101 and PSY 110 (not ENG 1001 or PSY 1505)

Some departments have new initials

  • example: DE is now AFL and AFM
  • example: IT now has different initials for each program

Priority 1 registration for Fall Semester begins July 30.

Can’t find your curriculum? Check the list (same as above).

Questions? Send email to semesters

NEW! Course Descriptions For All Programs (55 pages)

Use the Semester Course Conversion Guide

Look up a semester course and find out what term course it replaces.
NOTE: Currently there is a problem accessing the Conversion Guide using Internet Explorer 9. All other browsers are reported to be working great (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari). We are working on a solution.

Complete the following checklist.

__ Meet with your academic advisor and complete a STEP (Semester Transition Educational Plan) form, or work with your advisor to set up a plan using E-Advisor.

__ If applicable, meet with your financial aid advisor.


Get the facts.

This 12-page booklet contains the latest information about:

  • The calendar for 2012-2013
  • Making academic plans using the STEP form
  • Changes to tuition and fees
  • Financial aid FAQ
  • Version 3: July 9, 2012


Ask your questions.

Do you have questions? Check out the FAQs, where you'll find answers to the questions we receive most often. Or, email us.

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