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Leadership Committees

Articulation and Transfer
Cooperative Education and Experiential Learning
Curriculum & Courses
Policies & Procedures
Program Advising
Recruitment & Retention

Articulation & Transfer

  • Work with the Curriculum & Courses Committee to identify information in college databases that will require modification, for example Transfer Module and TAGS.
  • Identify existing articulation agreements with both high schools and 4-year colleges.
  • Create articulation templates and timelines that can be used to revise current articulations agreements.
  • Estimate resources needed to complete the necessary changes.

Tom Burns (CIT) & Rayma Smith (HS/Adm)

Susan Bacher (HPS)
Flo Donohue (HPS)
Scott Freeman (HS)
Tim Nolan (Prep Tech/Adm)
Joyce Rimlinger (HS/AAUP)
Linda Schaffeld (BTD)
Paula Kirch Smith (BTD)
Lois Von Handorf (Registrar/Adm)


  • Estimate the cost of conversion to semesters.
  • Estimate the long term impact on the budget of adopting a semester calendar, including OBR subsidy disbursements.
  • Recommend appropriate tuition and fee structure and lab /course fees to maintain revenue neutrality.
  • Identify contracts and agreement that will need to be revised and the timeliness of revision. These agreements and contracts should include those related to the college unions as well as other entities such as the bookstore, food service, etc.
  • Estimate the potential effect of calendar change upon non-academic revenue sources such as facility rental etc.
  • Identify appropriate changes in policy and practice related to the budget requiring revision.
  • Analyze both the short and long term effect of the conversion and make recommendations that will maintain a positive revenue generation.

David Simmermon (CIT) & Michael Geoghegan (CFO/Adm)

Yvonne Baker (BTD/AAUP)
Mary Beth Barnes (Student Activities/Adm)
Bob Baylor (HPS)
Gene Breyer (HR/Adm)
Michael Chikeleze (BTD/Adm)
Terry Erdmann (HS)
Bob McLain (CIT)


  • Create an academic calendar, including potential mid-semester flex terms, and summer session configuration, that best fits the needs of Cincinnati State students and that considers the impact upon workload, co-op, and the college’s economic viability.
  • Select appropriate calendar dates, including beginning and ending dates, holidays, registration activity, graduation, withdrawal and drop/add, and exams.
  • Draft a three year schedule, commencing with the Fall 2012 Semester.
  • Recommend transition process for Summer Term 2012, offered under the current 9-week calendar, to Fall 2012, to be offered under new semester system.
  • Ensure that the population of students typically entering Cincinnati State can be accommodated and provide for opportunities for new populations of students.

Keith Mains (BTD) & Ryan Hunt (Registrar/Adm)

Debbie Bogenshutz (Library/AAUP)
John Buttelwerth (CIT)
Paul Davis (HS/BTD)
Kelly Harper (BTD/Co-op)
Marianne Krismer (HPS/Adm)
Catherine Orsini (HS/DE)
Ryan Hunt (Registrar/Adm)
Nancy Stubbeman (PO/Adm)
Phil Vossmeyer (HPS)


  • Develop mechanisms that are effective and appropriate to insure that all members of the college community and the general public at large are notified in a timely manner of the progress of the calendar change initiative.
  • Insure that existing students’ concerns are addressed via multiple communication pathways, including a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Work with appropriate college personnel to establish a web source of information, including updates of all subcommittee activities, timelines, FAQ’s etc.
  • Serve as the primary resource for students, faculty, and staff seeking answers to questions related to the calendar conversion.
  • Identify publications and other media requiring changes due to the conversion.

Pam Ecker (CIT) & Cindy Bruestle (IA/Adm)

Yvonne Baker (BTD)
Becky Burrell (OSP/Adm)
Marcia Caulton (ACT/Adm)
Katie Chaippone (HPS/SEIU)
Peggy Rolfsen (HPS/AAUP)
Diane Vorbroker (HPS)

Cooperative Education and Experiential Learning

  • Determine the format for co-op under the semester system.
  • Investigate extending degree completion timeline for co-op students.
  • Help provide resources to assist companies as they shift from term to semester employment of co-ops.
  • Estimate resources needed to complete conversion.

Jim Macke (BTD) & Connie Sketch (CIT/Adm)

Piper Coleman (HPS)
Paul Davis (HS/BTD/AAUP)
Sue Dolan (CIT)
Peggy Harrier (BTD/Adm)
Kim Richards (CIT)
Joe Roberts (BTD)
Alyce Thompson (HS)

Curriculum & Courses

  • Identify appropriate college areas, individuals, and committees responsible for the completion of academic/curricular tasks and establish a timeline for completion.
  • Review the workflow process to optimize technological resources and standardize, where appropriate, processes required for additions and revisions to courses and curricula.
  • Estimate the resources needed to complete the conversion of curricula and courses to the semester system.

Joyce Rimlinger (HS) & Shirley Piazza (HS/Adm)

Crystal Bossard (HS)
Sue Burns (Registrar/Adm)
Bob Coil (CIT)
Bob Eveslage (HPS/AAUP)
Joanne Johnson (HPS)
Bonnie Jones (WDC)
Jim Myatt (BTD)
Linda Pohlgeers (CIT)


George Armstrong (CIT) and Tyrone Walton (Fac/Adm)

Dawanna Brown (Food Service)
Larry Feist (CIT)
Joel Kneuven (CIT)
Cassandra Scott (Advising)
Ed Sunderhaus (AAUP)

Policies & Procedures

  • Identify and revise all policies and procedures that will be affected by the change to semesters.
  • Assess the impact on student activities, including athletics and other student organizations.
  • Identify resources necessary to make appropriate changes.

Donna Duvall (BTD/Adm) and Karen Magness-Lewe (REG/Adm)

Gene Breyer (HR/Adm)
Tom Brougham (Advising)
Cindy Kneip (HPS)
Sherri Mallett (HPS)
Brenda Maples-Sterry (ACT/Adm)
Linda Pohlgeers (CIT/AAUP)
Dan Ramsey (FIN/Adm)
Janice Robinson (HS)
Lana Teetor ((E&SD/Adm)

Program Advising

  • Create a plan for assisting students transitioning from current 5-term system to semester system that minimizes costs and time.
  • Work with program chairs to identify possible course substitutions to expedite graduation process without diminishing academic integrity of the process.
  • Create a mechanism for advising current students about the planning needed to facilitate graduation.
  • Estimate resources needed and critical times during the conversion timeline for supplemental advising assistance.

Claudia Miller (HPS) & Doug Bowling (Adm/CIT)

Temesha Corbin-Christian (Advising/Adm)
Michele Geers (BTD)
Dave Killen (CIT)
Julie McLaughlin (Advising/HS)
Bernell Prince (Advising/CIT)
Carolyn Robinson (Registrar/Adm)
Effie Rosa (Advising/HPS)
Diane Stump (Advising/AAUP)

Recruitment & Retention

  • Identify recruitment strategies to optimize new student enrollment growth during and subsequent to the conversion to semesters.
  • Identify retention strategies to increase retention of existing students during the conversion to semesters.
  • Collaborate with other STP committees to facilitate continuity of recruitment and retention efforts across the college.

Dan Lozier & Gaby Boeckermann (Enroll/Adm)

Gaby Boeckermann (Advising/Adm)
Charles Butler (BTD)
Sharon Davis (A&CC/Adm)
Bari Ewing (CAP/Adm)
Karen Jordan (Advising/Adm)
Brad Levy (HS/DE)
Sandy Owen (HS)
Diane Stump (Advising/AAUP)
Robert White (IA/MC/Adm)

Technology & Infrastructure

  • Identify all current software affected by the conversion to semesters, including administrative database software, financial software, and academic software.
  • Identify calendar specific software.
  • Identify modifications to existing software, software development, and purchases of new software necessary to support the semester system.
  • Create a timeline for conversion of software and an associated testing and training timeline to support the conversion.
  • Identify impact of conversion on facilities, including utilities, space utilization, offices, open labs etc.
  • Identify resources needed to complete the conversion.

Bob Nields (CIT) & Frankie Baker (IT/Adm)

Carla Gesell-Streeter (HS)
Uma Gowda (IT/Adm)
Josh Haldeman (CIT)
Mike Hall (IT/Adm)
Wayne Herbers (IT/Adm)
Jim Krailler (IT/Adm)
Dorothy Mann (IT/Adm)
Clyde Parrish (Registrar/Adm)
Stani Kantcheva (BTD)
Joy Sunderman (IT/Adm)
Paul Weingartner (CIT/AAUP)

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