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Why Semesters?

Cincinnati State is planning a change to a semester system to meet the guidelines of Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Higher Education, which was announced by Governor Strickland in 2008. When all state-assisted colleges and universities follow the same academic calendar, more cooperation is possible—leading to more effective use of resources.

At this time, 90 percent of US colleges and universities use the semester system. The four state-assisted universities in Ohio that are not on the semester system (UC, Ohio State, Wright State, and Ohio University) all will change to semesters in Fall 2012.

Cincinnati State is one of the 13 community colleges in Ohio that will change to semesters in Fall 2012.

Advantages of a semester calendar include:

  • More time for in-depth teaching and classroom projects.
  • More time available for experiential learning such as co-op, allowing employers to assign jobs with more responsibility.
  • More time for students who might be having trouble in a class to make adjustments and succeed.
  • Ease of transfer into and out of Cincinnati State.
  • More opportunities for students who attend college elsewhere, but live in Cincinnati, to take a class when they are home for the summer.
  • Improved ability to align Cincinnati State schedules with the academic and vacation schedules of children in elementary, middle, or high school (since these schools typically follow a semester system).
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