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Speak Out!

Comments? Then Speak Out!

Speak Out! is Cincinnati State’s anonymous online feedback and inquiry system. It is your opportunity to tell us what you think. If you want to compliment the college or the staff about outstanding service, make a general comment, or even make a complaint, speak out!

Click here to Speak Out!
Click here to view other questions and feedback received anonymously via Speak Out!

Here’s how Speak Out! handles your question or comment:

1. If you request a private individual reply to your question or feedback, you must provide some 
personal contact information so the appropriate College representative may respond.

2. If you do not request an individual reply, your Speak Out! question or feedback is posted here.

If you want to just give a shout-out to the College for providing excellent programs and services, feel free! If you want to let us know that there are things we need to improve, please express that opinion as well.

Speak Out! is a customer feedback mechanism of Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. The College reserves the right to edit or not respond, publish, or otherwise acknowledge any comments that are deemed obscene or derogatory to any individual, group, or organization or that do not adhere to the College's standards of civility. All remarks are shared with the appropriate management. Speak Out! is not intended to replace any of the College's existing services or mechanisms for resolving student and staff issues, or answering general questions about the College.

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