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Strategic Plan

Cincinnati State Strategic Plan

Institutional Research and Effectiveness

A Word From Dr. Owens


This strategic plan is about focus and action. It was developed by the faculty, staff and top executives of the College to help us all focus on those actions that promise the highest impact on student success.

What links most of the steps outlined in this document is their emphasis on outreach – using Cincinnati State’s student-focused faculty and staff to expand our embrace.

It is no longer enough for institutions to wait for students to come to them. We must take education to students, sometimes in new forms. The Strategic Plan 2012-15 emphasizes dual enrollment, for example, along with online education and the development of multisite campuses.

Dual enrollment may be the single most important development in community college education over the next decade. The practice of allowing qualified high school students to take the same course for both high school and college credit serves multiple purposes. Dual enrollment provides Cincinnati State with opportunities to engage high school students (and teachers and counselors) in courses that will better prepare young people for college. It helps us make a meaningful connection with potential honors students. And make no mistake, dual enrollment helps our enrollment.

Online education is good for Cincinnati State because it allows us to grow without bricks and mortar expenses, and it is good for students because it hones skills required in the workplaces of today and fits the style of learning that many students have acquired. Having multisite campuses, meanwhile, allows us to better meet the needs of the unique communities throughout Greater Cincinnati.

Enrollment is not enough. We must also focus on completion.

Our research shows that developmental education and the availability of scholarship funds are key factors in the graduation rate. We must get students through academic foundation courses within their first year – and, when possible, their first semester. Our studies also show that scholarships – especially for first-time, full-time students – can have a marked impact on retention.

The plan outlined in this document sets aggressive targets. It also reflects sound, forward-looking strategies developed by faculty and staff who have a genuine passion for their work. I hope you will support all of us as we work to improve student success at Cincinnati State.

O’dell M. Owens, M.D.



If you  have any questions about the Cincinnati State Strategic Plan please Click Here to Email the office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

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