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Cincinnati State Strategic Plan

Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Strengthen Fiscal Sustainabiliy



Cincinnati State is operating in an increasingly competitive environment with challenging economic and demographic trends. To secure our financial future and keep the cost of education affordable, we must diversify and grow revenue streams, introduce innovative programming to serve the needs of the community, control expenses, and increase operating reserves.



Develop a financial plan that increases operating reserves annually

Implement the 1000{4}ONE fundraising campaign

Increase non-traditional revenue sources

Implement priority-based budgeting


Measures of Success

  • Operating reserves as a percentage of total expenses
  • Funds available for scholarships
  • New public/private grants
  • Revenues from Workforce Development training and social entrepreneurial activities
  • Total institutional credit hours


If you have any questions about the Cincinnati State Strategic Plan please Click Here to Email the office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

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