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What is the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program?

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program provides qualified ninth through twelfth grade high school students who attend public and chartered non-public Ohio high schools the opportunity to enrich their educational experience by enrolling in college-level coursework. The program is intended to complement rather than replace high school preparatory curriculum.

How does a student apply to the Cincinnati State PSEO program?

  1. The student must complete the PSEO application.  Click here for the current application.
  2. The parent/guardian and high school counselor must complete their portion of the application.
  3. Once complete, a high school counselor should mail the PSEO application, required letter of recommendation, and high school transcript to:
    Office of Admission Records
    3520 Central Parkway
    Cincinnati OH 45223
  4. Once the PSEO application and supporting documents have been received, students may take the COMPASS Placement test. The COMPASS test is the last part of the application process. Everything must be completed by the due date indicated on the application.

Applicants will be notified of the admission decision within two weeks after the PSEO application due date. If you have any questions about PSEO, please email us or call (513) 861-7700.

What is COMPASS?

The COMPASS placement test is the tool Cincinnati State uses to which classes students should take as they start their studies at Cincinnati State. It accurately places students into reading, writing, and math classes that are best suited for their abilities. Click here for detailed information about preparing for and taking the COMPASS placement test.

What is Advanced Standing Credit Placement?

Advanced standing credit means that a student receives credit for completing a Cincinnati State course or cooperative education requirement by using one of the methods listed below to demonstrate successful completion of appropriate prior academic and/or work experience.

Advanced standing credit is available to students who have been accepted into a degree or certificate program. Students seeking advanced standing credit must follow College and divisional procedures. More information on these procedures can be found in the College catalog or through the Office of the Registrar.

What are the types of Advanced Standing Credit?

The types of advanced standing credit include the following:

Advanced Placement (AP)
College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Credit by Examination (Test Out)
External Certificate/Licensing Exam (EL)
External Formal Training Program (ET)
Applicable Work Experience (EX)
International Baccalaureate Program Examinations (IB)
Tech Prep Agreements (TP)
Senior Vocational Teacher Referral (VO)

Click here for detailed information about these types of advanced standing credit.

How can students request advanced standing credit?

The way a student may request advanced standing credit varies according to the type of credit requested. Click here for detailed information about each type of advanced standing credit, including the procedure for requesting each type of credit.

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