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Associate of Arts
Associate of Applied Business
Associate of Applied Science
 academic probation
a period of time during which a student who has not maintained the required gradepoint average has the opportunity to meet the required standards or be subject toacademic dismissal.
 accelerated course
specially-designed course taught at a more rigorous pace to fit in a timeframe shorter than a typical term
permission granted to a student to take classes and work toward a degree or certificate
faculty member who guides a student in selecting courses and other academic concerns
Associate of Independent Studies
 articulation agreement
arrangement allowing a student to apply credits earned in specific programs at one institution toward advanced standing, equal transfer, or direct entry into another
 associate’s degree
a two-year college degree
Advanced Technology and Learning Center
Associate of Technical Study
attend a course to gain information, but not earn college credit
 bachelor’s degree
a four-year college degree
 Bakery Hill
retail bakery outlet operated by the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State
 blue lights
lights atop 24 emergency telephones located throughout the main Cincinnati State campus, primarily in parking areas
 career counseling/planning
assistance with career choice, interests, skills, and goals
college publication covering degrees, curricula, standards, tuition, policies, and faculty
non-paid learning experience in the health field
college graduation ceremony
 community college
a college that offers two-year degrees including AA, AS, AAB, and AAS
 COMPASS® test
standardized placement test to evaluate incoming students skill levels in reading, writing, and math
 continuing education
adult education programs offered to the public
 course load
the number of credit hours for which a student is registered
 course number
unique code for every course that consists of a department abbreviation and a number
 credit hour
the amount of academic credit earned for time spent in a classroom and/or laboratory as a required part of a course
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
a college administrator in charge of a division
 dean’s list
an academic honor awarded for high grades earned each term
 developmental education
instruction targeted at helping students improve their abilities in areas of academicweakness; sometimes called pre-tech education at Cincinnati State
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