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a course that may be selected by the student on an optional basis, as opposed to those courses required for a specific degree
 financial aid transcript
a document used by the Financial Aid Office to verify a students previous receipt of financial aid
 full-time student
a student taking 12 or more credit hours in a term
grade point average
 grade point average
GPA. A number obtained by dividing total grade points by total credit hours.
a monetary award that does not have to be repaid
recognition for students who have earned high grades
the grade earned by a student who has not fulfilled all required work in a course by the end of the term
 independent study
a course in which students work independently on assignments, conferring at designated times with the instructor
a short-term opportunity, typically unpaid, where a person gains supervised practical experience in an area of interest or an occupation
 lab fee
a fee paid in addition to tuition to cover the cost of laboratory/classroom materials
science, computer, and other courses that require hands-on assignments in conjunctionwith lectures
 liberal arts
academic areas of study that explore information of general cultural concern in fields such as languages, literature, history, philosophy, math, and science
a monetary award given to a student that must be repaid
the process of initially enrolling in college
Midwest Culinary Institute
Cincinnati State student portal to Blackboard (web-based course materials) and more; accessed through
an introductory event for admitted students that includes a campus tour, student meetings, and details about College services and resources
a café located on the first floor of the ATLC
 part-time student
a student taking fewer than 12 credit hours in a term
 Phi Theta Kappa
honor society for students at two-year colleges
 Point (The)
community meeting room, located in Room 107 ATLC, which may be reserved by the public
a course that must be completed prior to taking another course
the administrator whose office handles grades, transcripts, and registration
signing up for courses each term
student status that determines tuition rates, based on the state in which you are considered a legal resident
a monetary award, usually based on student achievement, that does not have to be repaid
a unit of a course during a term; if a course is offered at different times or locations during the same term, it is said to have more than one section.
 Summit (The)
restaurant operated by the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State
Cincinnati State college ID card; available in the Student Activities Office, Room 204 ATLC
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