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The Library at Cincinnati State maintains a useful and current collection of books about careers. Some of the best are listed here.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
The United States Department of Labor publishes one of the most fundamental sources for career information: The Occupational Outlook Handbook. A new edition is published every other year, and the library gets them hot off the press. The Occupational Outlook Handbook gives detailed descriptions of about 200 occupations, with many more occupations discussed in less detail. Begin by looking up the career that interests you in the alphabetical "Index to Occupations" in the back of the book. The index will direct you to the appropriate pages of text. For each career you will be given the nature of the work, the working conditions, employment statistics, training and advancement qualifications needed, the job outlook, and projected earnings. Don't overlook the valuable essay “Tomorrow's Jobs” at the beginning of the book.

Monthly Labor Review
Occupational Outlook Quarterly
For even more up-to-date information from the Department of Labor, consult the Monthly Labor Review and the Occupational Outlook Quarterly. These periodicals contain very good information on the current job scene as well as statistical information on employment and unemployment, the cost of living, and related factors. They can be found in the periodical section of the library, filed in alphabetical order by title. Current issues, and some back issues, are available online.

The Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance
This multi-volume encyclopedia is a very rich source of career information. Besides giving particular information about various professional and technical careers, it also contains good background information on the career search process. Overviews of major American industries are also included.

Career Information Center
This encyclopedia gives information such as the nature of the work, training required, possibility of employment and advancement, and projected earnings. There is also some general information on the world of work.

Dictionary of Occupational Titles
This another publication of the Department of Labor. It gives standardized and comprehensive descriptions of nearly 20,000 occupations--nearly all the jobs in the United States economy at the time. The last edition was published in 1991; it is being replaced by the O*NET Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

O*NET Dictionary of Occupational Titles
O*NET Dictionary of Occupational Titles provides the most current and most detailed information about occupations and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to succeed in them. New occupations are added on a regular basis.

Career information also can be found in periodicals. A particularly good index to use for career information is Vocational and Career Collection.

Career and job hunting information can also be found on the Internet.

In the Library, there is also a large collection of circulation books on career information. On the library's shelves you can find books to help you select a career, write a resume and cover letter, and prepare for your interview. Many of these are targeted to particular audiences, such as people looking for their first job, older people returning to the workforce after an absence, or people looking for employment after termination or layoff. These can be found through BLINK: the Berry Library Online Catalog, or by browsing through the 650.14 classification number. Whenever you're in the Library, stop by the HELP DESK and ask for assistance.

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