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Linking to Online Resources

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Please note: it's not possible to link directly to articles from LexisNexis Academic or SIRS, but the databases can be accessed from off-campus.

EBSCO databases:

When you find a full-text article in an EBSCO database that you want to share with a Cincinnati State affiliate, you can create a link to the article record so that the person you are sharing it with can open the article from on or off-campus. 


Step 1:  In the article's full record, click the link that says "Permalink", located in the right column of the page (see picture below).



Step 2:  A dialogue box will open above the article title.  Copy the url that is in the box (see picture below).

Permalink 2


Electronic Journal Center:

Sometimes the "FindIT" button will take you to an article that is only available full-text in OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Center, the EJC. To share the link to the article, you need to be on the article record page that has both the abstract & the .pdf icon for the article. Simply copy the url that is shown in your browser's address bar & you will have a link that will work both on & off campus. Please note: if you're working off-campus, you'll need to authenticate through OhioLINK using your name & 7 digit Cincinnati State ID.



OhioLINK's digital video collection:

Videos covering a wide range of fields are available from OhioLINK's Digital Video Collection. Videos are available for direct viewing from the Web, or for downloading for temporary storage.

  • Identify the film you wish your students to view
  • The description page will provide a unique URL to that specific video. This page can be bookmarked, or this address can be copied to your assignment sheet, or into your online course.
  • Free software called RealPlayer, available here can be used to view the videos.

Films on Demand video collection:

When providing a link to streaming videos from Films on Demand, be sure to copy the "Title Url" that is located beneath the video description from the Films on Demand website. This proxy link will enable students to access the video from anywhere off-campus, provided they log-in using their name & 7 digit College ID. See the image below for an example.

If you're adding the link to your Blackboard site, you will want to be sure to check the box for "Have link open in a new window" to ensure that the content is not blocked. screenshot of films on demand

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