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2015 Surge Volleyball Clinics


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Summer Clinics & Camps

3520 Central Parkway, Room 146 MAIN | Cincinnati, OH 45223



Are you looking for help to develop your volleyball player skills, drive and mental game? Cincinnati State's Volleyball Staff and Team can help. We have a summer clinic series that is designed to focus in and enhance the player's skills on the court. The Clinic Series will focuson areas such as passing, setting, hitting, blocking, serving, serve receive, defense, offense as well as the development of the mental approach to the game. Each clinic is designed for progression through each skill and builds up to the next clinic

Clinics Descriptions & Dates

Ball Control & Passing: Focusing on form, footwork, and setting finish. Advanced players will work on jump setting, setting IQ and qick formatted setting skills. With serving we develop and focus on serving techinques for top, float and for advanced players jumping serving.
May 26, 2015

Setting & Serving: Developing and focusing on form, footwork, and setting finish; advanced players will work on jump setting, setting IQ and quick formatted setting skills. With serving we develop and focus on serving techniques for top, float and for advanced players jumping serving.
June 2, 2015

Hitting & Blocking: Developing and focusing on hitting approach, footwork, arm swing, connection, snap and hitting different angles on the court. Plus the players blocking footwork, pressing, base/middle positioning and blocking communication.
June 9, 2015
Advanced Hitting & Blocking June 23, 2015

Advanced Ball Control With Defense & Serve Receive: Developing and focusing on defensive and serve receive communication, platform direction and control as well as angles in perimeter and rotation defense.
June16, 2015

Advanced Offense: Developing and focusing on the player’s communication with a setter, and understanding complex plays, communication and footwork.
June 30, 2015

Summer Camps

Defensive Camp: We will focus in on ball control and communication in defense, serve receive, and free ball. Use overhead control and platform control. Along with recovery, endurance, and defensive volleyball IQ.
July 6 & 7, 2015

Offensive Camp: We will focus in on developing hitting, blocking, setting, back row attacking and serving. We will develop these with footwork, communication, arm swing, volleyball IQ and more.
July 8 & 9, 2015

Fall Summer Camp Incorporates both the defensive and offensive camp and will cover all the above developmental and advanced skills based on player level.

General Information

Registration Information: Enrollment is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Clinics fill up quickly, so enroll early! Payment must be received with registration form to guarantee enrollment. You will receive a confirmation email and any additional information and receipt will be sent to your email the Wednesday before the clinic. Please print this and bring it with you. The primary communication is by email, please check it frequently.
Registration Form

Payments & Refunds: We do not accept cash or credit card; we can only accept checks or money orders, made out to Cincinnati State Women’s Volleyball. The player’s registration fee must be paid in full to hold her spot. No refunds for sessions missed by the player, or cancellations made after the registration date. However we will credit the amount toward another clinic or camp date prior to August 1, 2015.

Mail-in Registration: Make checks payable to: Cincinnati State Attn/memo: Volleyball.

Mail registration form and check to:
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Attn: Athletics: Volleyball
3520 Central Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45223

RSVP by email on the Monday before the Clinic.

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