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Safe, accessible parking at Cincinnati State


Cincinnati State strives to provide safe, accessible parking for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus. The College maintains parking lots and garages for use by all members of the Cincinnati State community.

Visitors to the College are permitted to park in the Central Parking Garage, at a rate of $5 per use.

Students, faculty, staff, and frequent visitors have many other parking options.

For Cincinnati State’s complete parking regulations, click here.

Clifton Hills Residential Parking Ordinance

Clifton Hills parking is governed by a residential permit parking ordinance. Essentially, this means that anyone who parks in this area without a residential parking sticker on their vehicle is at risk for a $50 parking ticket. Also worth noting:

• The cost of that ticket will double if the fine is not paid within seven days.
• A second offense within a year becomes a “Class B Civil Offense” with a fine of $100.

The parking restrictions apply between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. to Clifton Hills Avenue, Clifton Crest Terrace, Clifton Hills Terrace and portions of Ludlow Avenue (between 785 and 877 on the west side and between 786 and 820 on the east side) and Old Ludlow Avenue (on the east side between 826 and 882); all these areas are now marked by signs.

Here's a map:



















Parking Illegally in Spaces Reserved for Vehicles with Disability Placards

Campus police officers take the following action when vehicles are parked illegally in spaces reserved for vehicles with valid disability placards:  
First offense:  the vehicle is ticketed
Second offense:  the vehicle is ticketed.
Third offense:  the vehicle is towed. 

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