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Online Learning Programs

Distance Learning Programs

With more than 200 Online Learning courses, either web-based or hybrid, Cincinnai State has been a leader in distance education since 1995. In addition to an extensive slate of courses, several Cincinnati State programs of study are available through distance education.

Cincinnati State offers offers six associate degrees and four certificates completely online. Most programs can be taken by a blended delivery- a combination of online, hybrid, and traditional classroom courses. 

Some courses in an online program may not be delivered via the web and may require you to attend face-to-face. Please contact your advisor or department chair to determine whether or not the program is 100% online. Academic Foundation courses are not delivered online.



Associate Degrees

Business Technologies

The Accounting degree program provides students with an understanding of accounting skills and business fundamentals. Students enhance their classroom learning through cooperative education.

Students are exposed to all facets of the accounting profession, including intermediate accounting, tax accounting, cost accounting, computerized accounting, and auditing. Upon graduation, students will have a variety of employment opportunities in the accounting field. For further advancement, many students elect to continue their education at a regional college or university

Business Management
The Business Management associate’s degree combines the study of business management with on-the-job experience. Classroom experience centers around a well-planned curriculum, including contemporary practices in management, marketing, human resources, accounting, and organizational development. Students learn the effective use of time, money, materials, and people to improve business results. Through cooperative education work experience, students gain valuable insight and “how to” experience in assessing and solving real management challenges that businesses deal with every day.

Hospitality Management
In the Hospitality Management program at Cincinnati State, students learn basic lodging and restaurant operation and event management skills and progress to hospitality management training through classroom instruction, laboratory experience, and cooperative education. Graduates earn an Associate of Applied Business degree and are prepared for supervisory positions in a variety of hospitality venues.

Pre-Business Administration 
The Pre-Business Administration program provides students with the academic foundation needed for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program with a business-related major, such as business administration, accounting, finance, management, or marketing. Students earn an Associate of Arts degree and are well prepared to begin their junior year in a bachelor’s degree program at the four-year institution of their choice.


Center for Innovative Technologies

Computer Programming and Database Management
The Computer Programming and Database Management degree program prepares students to design, program, and administer e-business and e-commerce systems on the Internet, using state-of-the-art programming languages and database technologies.

All of the CPDM courses are available online using a series of short Internet-based videos. This advanced online course delivery system provides students with flexibility in completing their degree requirements. Many students continue their studies for a bachelor’s degree via additional online education.

Business Programming and Systems Analysis 
Graduates of Business Programming and Systems Analysis have strong technical skills in industry-required programming languages and database platforms, business/systems analysis and design, software development, web development, and mobile application development. Additionally, the team-oriented, project-based coursework familiarizes students with business process modeling, project management, and problem solving skills.

Mobile application development is a rapidly growing field. Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices require developers who can create applications for devices running on multiple operating systems.


Health and Public Safety

Health Information Management
The Health Information Management Technology program at Cincinnati State focuses on the maintenance of health care data and management of information resources. Health information management professionals collect, integrate, and analyze primary and secondary health care data, disseminate information, and manage information resources related to the research, planning, provision, payment, and evaluation of health care services. Graduates earn an Associate of Applied Science degree.

All of the HIM core program courses are offered Online. Some non-core courses must be completed on the main campus or at other Cincinnati State locations.

Public Safety Technology
The Public Safety Technology program prepares students to respond to the nation’s need for highly trained security professionals who understand the global threat to our infrastructure. While earning an Associate of Applied Science degree, students learn to help secure borders, airports, waterways and seaports; prepare for and respond to natural and man-made disasters; and provide counterterrorism and law enforcement intelligence support.

The program was developed in conjunction with local industry representatives to assure that local needs and requirements were addressed. Students who complete the program receive training and certification relevant to a public safety career and gain skills that may enhance upward mobility for career professionals.

Healthcare Informatics
Health Information Technology involves the exchange of health information in an electronic environment. Widespread use of information technology within the health care industry will improve the quality of health care, prevent medical errors, reduce health care costs, increase administrative efficiencies, decrease paperwork, and expand access to affordable health care.

Students gain skills needed to assist organizations with meaningful and efficient use of healthcare data by incorporating information technologies and information management techniques. Graduates have the knowledge and skills that enable information to be collected, managed, used, and shared to support delivery of healthcare and to promote health.

Healthcare Programming and Systems Analysis 
Health Information Technology involves the exchange of health information in an electronic environment. Widespread use of information technology within the health care industry will improve the quality of health care, prevent medical errors, reduce health care costs, increase administrative efficiencies, decrease paperwork, and expand access to affordable health care.

Students in the Healthcare Programming and Systems Analysis major gain the knowledge and skills required to fulfill an essential information technology role in healthcare, either as a developer who designs, implements, and maintains health-based software applications, or as an analyst supporting current healthcare-related applications.

Graduates understand healthcare fundamentals and have IT professional skills in systems analysis, software development, database design, and core technical skills including .NET, Java, HL7, SQL, and SQL Server.


Business Technologies

Accounting Certificate
The Accounting Certificate program at Cincinnati State is for those who have earned a degree in a different discipline and need accounting courses in order to sit for the CPA exam or who may need accounting courses for job promotion. This program is best suited for students currently employed in the accounting field. The certificate does not include cooperative education.

Paralegal Certificate
The Paralegal Certificate program at Cincinnati State prepares students for careers in the legal profession in three key employment areas: employees of attorneys (the dominant category), self-employed individuals who work for attorneys, and self-employed individuals who provide their services directly to the public with attorney supervision. Students learn substantive and procedural law, concentrating on the most prevalent areas of legal practice, as well as general civil and criminal litigation practice. Students earning the Legal Assistant associate degree earn the Paralegal Certificate along with the degree.

Center for Innovative Technologies

Advanced Surveying Certificate
The Advanced Surveying certificate program at Cincinnati State is for graduates of the Civil Engineering Technology—Surveying Option (CETS) or related associate degree programs, and serves as the third year of a bachelor’s degree program at Northern Kentucky University (NKU). Most courses in the certificate program are offered through web-based distance education.

Advanced surveying courses in geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), and legal topics are offered through online instruction. This cooperative venture with NKU has been approved by the State Boards of Registration in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.


Health and Public Safety

Coding Specialist Certificate 
The Coding Specialist certificate prepares students for entry-level coding positions in outpatient clinics, physician group practices, billing companies, and insurance companies. Students learn to accurately determine code assignments using ICD-10-CM and CPT code sets. In many instances, financial reimbursement for healthcare services is tied to these numeric coding assignments.

Homeland Security Certificate
The Homeland Security certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively deal with safety and security challenges in the United States. This program was developed in response to the needs of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Students gain understanding of fundamental elements of homeland security as well as specialized topics including detecting threats to security, and protecting critical infrastructure and transportation nodes.


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