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Chemical Technology (CMT) - Description

Center for Innovative Technologies

Chemical Technology (CMT)

Center for Innovative Technologies Division • 513.569.1743 • Clifton Campus, Main Building, Room 210 • Program Chair: Ann Fallon

Catalog Description

The Chemical Technology program prepares students to become laboratory technicians or research associates in high-tech research and development or quality control laboratories, academic institutions, and government facilities. Graduates often are employed in chemical manufacturing, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, environmental, and polymer/plastic labs.

These technicians use sophisticated chemical/ biochemical methods and cutting-edge instrumentation to analyze chemical and pharmaceutical substances and evaluate their properties. Many graduates continue their education in a bachelor’s degree program in chemistry, biology/biotechnology, chemical engineering, or a pre-professional degree such as pre-pharmacy, pre-medicine, pre-dental, or pre-veterinary medicine.

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