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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education at Cincinnati State


Since its founding in 1969, Cincinnati State has emphasized the value of integrating cooperative work experience with academic coursework. The College’s high graduate employment rate speaks directly to its commitment to providing quality education enriched by on-the-job training. Students encounter “real-world” job demands, helping to clarify their career choices and promote a sense of responsibility. Most co-op experiences are paid placements that afford students an opportunity to earn while learning. Cincinnati State has been recognized nationally for its extensive cooperative education program. More than 600 area employers provide placements for Cincinnati State students who devote at least one semester of their program of study to applying the knowledge they have acquired in the lab and in the classroom.

All four of Cincinnati State’s academic divisions require some form of cooperative education as part of their regular course of study.

What is co-op?
Cooperative education, or co-op, is a partnership between academia and industry.  Co-op students earn academic credit while gaining paid workplace experience in their field of study. For participating employers, co-op students represent an excellent source of highly motivated personnel, since they are already training to enter the field in which they are working. Such students can also be a cost effective approach to meeting staffing needs.

What is an internship?
Some divisions in the college also allow students to complete an internship. Interns participate in an unpaid, part-time field learning experience related to their career goals.  Students must adhere to degree program internship policies and procedures to earn credit.

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