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Student FAQ's

FAQs for Students

What is Cooperative Education?
Cooperative Education, or co-op, is a unique partnership between academia and industry. As a co-op student, you will earn academic credit along with paid workplace experience. This means you will have related work experience to list on your professional resume as you search for permanent employment in your field.

How does an internship differ from co-op?
Some schools and employers use these terms for experiential education interchangeably. At Cincinnati State, ‘co-op’ applies to full- or part-time paid positions, while ‘internship’ is used to describe part-time, unpaid assignments.

Is co-op mandatory?
Our commitment to co-op is a key reason students choose Cincinnati State over other colleges. We believe that the program is an unparalleled factor in student success and a natural pathway to post-degree employment. Our goal is for all students to experience the benefits of co-op. There are rare instances when this is not possible. In these cases, students will still need to meet with their co-op coordinator to determine alternatives.

When will I be ready to co-op?
You can refer to your program’s curriculum to see where co-op falls in the sequence of coursework.  It is crucial that you meet with your program advisor once you are admitted to the program to develop an academic plan. Your advisor will assist you in completing your co-op prerequisites.  Then you will schedule a meeting with your co-op coordinator to begin the co-op process.

What do I do if I’ve found my own co-op position?
Your coordinator will be happy to work with you to qualify this position for co-op. You will need to meet with your co-op coordinator.

What if I have previous work experience in my field?
Students may complete a petition for advanced standing credit.  Please contact your co-op coordinator for additional information.

Are there any tuition fees or other fees for completing co-op work assignments?
Once you accept a position, you will register for co-op just like any other course and pay the associated course and lab fee.

How does participating in the co-op program affect my financial aid eligibility?
In most cases co-op earnings do not have a negative effect on financial aid. But all students should contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss their specific registration status and eligibility.

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