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Online Learning

Online classes make learning virtually possible.

Visit the Online Learning website and get more details about Online Learning services, courses, classes, and current schedules at Cincinnati State.

Online Orientation Workshop

Online courses provide flexibility that traditional, face-to-face courses can’t. And with your busy life, an online course may be right for you! 
Online classes are very different than in-class, and require students to use a number of digital tools and processes. A new Online Orientation Workshop is now available to help students prepare for success in online courses at Cincinnati State, by providing hands-on experience in the online environment. The online workshop is free and self-paced. It takes between 1-3 hours to complete, which you can do over a number of sittings. 

About Online Learning and Cincinnati State

Do you want to start a degree? Finish a degree? Take a few courses? Sharpen your skills? Find out more about Distance Education at Cincinnati State. Read more.

Programs & Courses

Looking for flexibility and convenience as you pursue your education? Online Learning courses at Cincinnati State offer you a choice in how you complete your coursework.

Students may choose to take a class totally online and at a distance with no on-campus meetings, or elect to take a class where most of the educational activities occur online at a distance with some required on-campus meetings. Either choice gives you the flexibility and convenience you need for your busy lifestyle. Read more.

Online Learning Academic and Technical Requirements

Are you a good candidate for distance learning? Online Learning provides another option to meet your educational needs.

Through online learning, students access their Cincinnati State courses remotely, providing maximum flexibility in schedule, location, and learning style. Read more.

Are You Ready?

Are you dedicated? Self-disciplined? Ready to learn? Then the Online Learning courses at Cincinnati State can be your path to success.

To help assess whether distance learning is right for you, Cincinnati State utilizes a diagnostic tool called SmarterMeasure. This tool helps determine student readiness for distance learning, and identifies student strengths as well as opportunities to grow through distance learning. Read more.

Student Resources

Tools for success are just a few clicks away. Online Learning takes place between you and your instructor primarily through web-based communication via technology such as the Internet, audio, and video.

The following resources provide information, tips, and best practices to ensure your distance learning is efficient, convenient, and successful. Read more.

Faculty Resources

The Online Learning faculty and staff at Cincinnati State are highly skilled and competent at distance learning, as well as in their fields of expertise—from computer technology, the humanities and sciences to education, engineering technology, and much, much more.

Here are just a few of the online resources for distance education instructors and staff at Cincinnati State. Read more.

Contact Us

Do you have a question? Need more information? Want to register for a Get There session? Ready to apply online? Let us know.

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