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Honors Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Honors?

Many things! It is classes, activities and a community of students. It's a group of eager students and experienced faculty who seek challenging learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. It is a way for you to maximize your educational opportunities at Cincinnati State. It is a set of classes that will open your mind and engage your curiosity about the world.

Isn't Honors for just really, really smart students?

Are you highly curious? Creative? Love to ask thoughtful questions? Do you want to go deeper and stretch wider to reach your potential? Yes? Then- this is for you! It is for thinkers and learners who are willing to take academic challenges. Honors values creativity and intellectual curiosity. You may be smarter than you think!

What classes can I take?

We offer most of your general education required classes as Honors classes, such as English Composition and Psychology. Some divisional required classes are offered as well, such as Management and A&P.

What are Colloquiums?

These are classes that focus on selected interdisciplinary topics in a seminar format, emphasizing student inquiry, critical thinking, and critical analysis of material. We have offered classes on topics as varied as "The art and Science of Science Fiction", "Issues in Human Sexuality" and "Experiencing Spring Grove."

How do I apply to be in the Honors Program?

You must meet minimum requirements for COMPASS test scores and/or GPA. You must complete an application, write a short essay and submit two recommendations.

Will it be on my transcript?

Yes, any classes taken as Honors will be designated on your transcript.

Will an employer care about it?

Employers will notice that you were willing to take on extra challenges and responsibilities. And, it is possible to do Honors Co-op.

Will it help me when I transfer?

Participating in the Honors Program can boost your academic resume, and it may help in getting scholarships. Students who have had Honors classes experience less "transfer shock" to their GPAs. You will be better prepared to do junior level work at your transfer institution. And it may assist with obtaining scholarships.

Will transfer colleges recognize the Honors classes?

Definitely! Our program is based on the standards of the National Collegiate Honors Council. We have signed articulation agreements with the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University, and are working to bring other colleges on board as well.

Can I take an Honors class if I'm not a member of the Honors Program?

Yes! You may take an Honors class with the permission of the instructor or the Honors Program Chair. However, Honors Program students will have priority in registering for the class.

Will it hurt my GPA?

The classes do emphasize different approaches to assessment of learning, but the grading standards are not "harder." The expectations for your learning are higher. How will it help you? You will be in classes with other highly motivated students, sharing the same high expectations. You will be challenged, engaged, learn more and enjoy it a whole lot!



Still have questions?

Contact us for more information about the Honors Program at Cincinnati State. Email, phone (513) 569-1646, or contact the Office of Admission at (513) 569-1491.

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