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Middletown Campus: About Us

About the Middletown Campus

Map & Directions

1 North Main Street
Middletown, Ohio 45042

(513) 217-3700
Toll free:(855) 851-5301


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Important Dates

The Academic Calendar is common to all Cincinnati State campuses including Middletown.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Cincinnati State’s Middletown Campus open?
We launched our first classes in August 2012 and many students have successfully completed their first two years and graduated.

Where is Cincinnati State Middletown located?
The address is:
1 North Main Street
Middletown, OH 45042

Where will I park?
Ample free parking is conveniently available on the street and in the parking lots surrounding the building.

What courses are offered at the Middletown Campus?
Cincinnati State Middletown offers various associate degree programs and certificates to meet our students’ needs.  We currently offer courses leading toward an associate’s degree in popular career fields including business/hospitality management, accounting, business computer programming technology healthcare and public safety. Certificate programs offerings include Paralegal Certificate, Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate, and Human Services.  Many students take their first year courses at the Middletown Campus and then complete their second year at the Clifton Campus.

In addition, we offer courses that lead to an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Early Childhood Development, Pre-Business and Pre-Engineering which allows students to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at Cincinnati State before transferring to a four-year institution.

Corporate and agency workforce training needs in the Middletown region are already being served by Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center and non-credit workforce training and customized non-credit and credit-bearing educational offerings continue to be expanded through the Cincinnati State Middletown Campus.

Students can take courses leading toward an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, as well as several other programs of study, are already available to residents in the Middletown region through Cincinnati State Online.

How can I learn more about the course offerings at Cincinnati State Middletown?
You can look up course offerings on our website at

How can I learn more about what Cincinnati State Middletown has to offer?

Come visit our admission specialists. We offer College Information Sessions in Middletown the first and third Tuesdays of each month between 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sign up for a College Information Session or contact us with any questions.

Do I have to enroll for admission at Cincinnati State’s Clifton Campus in Cincinnati, or can I do it at Middletown? Or online?
Students are able to enroll online, or in person at either the Middletown campus or at the Clifton Campus in Cincinnati.

Once I become an admitted student, can I take classes anywhere?

Will the cost be the same at the Middletown Campus and Clifton Campus?

How do I qualify for financial aid?
To be considered for financial aid you must be admitted to an eligible degree program or certificate program and you must complete a FAFSA. FAFSA applications can be found online at The Cincinnati State school code which you will include on your FAFSA is 010345.

Will everything I need to earn my degree or certificate be available at the Middletown Campus without ever going to the Clifton Campus?
All of the same student services offered on the Clifton Campus will be offered at the Middletown Campus, including but not limited to admission, placement testing, registration, cashier, financial aid, advising and counseling.

Middletown Campus offers a variety of degrees and certifications that can be completed in Middletown.  In addition, students may enroll in any of the other 130 degrees and certificates offered by Cincinnati State, begin their classes at the Middletown Campus, and complete their program at the Clifton Campus.

Will the Middletown Campus have the same amenities as Cincinnati State’s Clifton campus a common area for students, recreational areas, etc.?
Expanded common areas for students are in the development stage. The new Student Success Center will provide both private and public areas for advising, counseling and tutoring, as well as an expanded food service area and bookstore. We currently have a relationship with the Middletown YMCA, which is adjacent to our Middletown Campus, allowing students to use their facilities.The new student success center provides both private and public areas for advising, counseling and tutoring.

What about job placement and other services – can I get those at Middletown?
Career counseling is discussed with students in the counseling center. Cooperative education is an important part of our academic programs and students at the Middletown Campus will be eligible to co-op once they fulfill the requirements in their programs. Many students participating in a co-op, find jobs by working with area businesses.

Where will student related issues be resolved, at the Middletown Campus or Clifton Campus?
Concerns will be addressed in the same manner as they would be at the Clifton Campus – by faculty advisors, counselors, enrollment personnel and Academic Deans. Our Student Service Specialists are available to work with students on disabilities services, financial aid, placement testing, and general concerns.

How many students attend the Middletown Campus?
We anticipate that Fall 2014 enrollment with be approximately 800 students.  While we continue to grow and expand class offerings, you will be ensured that class sizes will remain small.

Human Resources

If you live within 20 miles of our Middletown Campus and would like to be considered for an instructor or adjunct role, please contact the Cincinnati State Human Resources Department.

Cincinnati State Human Resources Department.

Cincinnati State | Middletown Campus

1 North Main Street, Middletown, Ohio 45042

513. 217.3700 • Toll free: 855.851.5301

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