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Real-World Academics

Real-world Academics

Real-world studies make for real-world success.

Cincinnati State welcomes students of all ages, genders, cultures, backgrounds, and work experiences—students who are eager to learn what they need to succeed, students involved in lifelong learning, students preparing for their tomorrows.

At Cincinnati State, you get down to business.

Or technology, or health and public safety, or studies in the humanities or sciences. We offer more than 100 degrees programs, and certificates that are real-world, real-time, real-people.

  • With an average class size of 16 students, you get the individualized attention you need.
  • You have easy access to faculty and advisors who will support you and make it easier for you to succeed.
  • Our faculty members, many of them leaders in their fields, guide students toward a successful future with the professional and technical knowledge and hands-on training that can make all the difference.
  • At Cincinnati State, you can build lifelong learning skills: critical thinking and analysis, effective communication and interpersonal skills, team-building, leadership, and management expertise.
  • You can seek real-world work experience through Cincinnati State’s outstanding cooperative education program—the largest in the U.S. among two-year colleges, with 800 participating employers.
  • You can participate in Honors Experience at Cincinnati State, which is open to part-time and full-time degree seeking students in all divisions who meet the entrance criteria. Honors Experience welcomes students looking for an educational challenge and wanting to go beyond the classroom to explore fresh ideas and new areas of interest.
  • You can continue your education for a baccalaureate degree at one of the dozens of four-year colleges and universities that welcome qualified Cincinnati State grads as juniors.

And a Cincinnati State education is incredibly affordable—the best higher education value in the region, at about 30-50 percent of the cost of four-year colleges and universities.

Real people achieve real success at Cincinnati State.

Need proof? Well, 93 percent of Cincinnati State grads who seek employment are employed full-time within three months of graduation. That’s a much higher percentage than the national average. Someday, you could be one of them.

Programs and Certificates
Check out a comprehensive list of the programs and courses offered at Cincinnati State. Or check out the offerings in each division:
Business Technologies
Center for Innovative Technologies
Health and Public Safety
Humanities and Sciences

Be Great!

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