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Center for Sustainability

World-class sustainability training and certification programs

Center for Sustainability

With sustainable strategies becoming a priority for businesses across the globe, now is the time to apply ecological knowledge to decision making at every level.

The Center of Sustainability Excellence is an institution designed to help businesses, entrepreneurs and employees pursue and attain their sustainability goals. A variety of courses are provided to create awareness, promote thought leadership and build capacity to achieve sustainability across a broad spectrum of issues.

The Workforce Development Center at Cincinnati State has put in place a pioneering effort that enables businesses to transform themselves by embedding accredited education
and training into their sustainable development strategies. In the process these enterprises become role models in adopting cutting edge practices and enhancing a modern workforce that makes better sustainability decisions in the workplace.


Business applications and results

The Center of Sustainability Excellence serves as a regional resource to the labor market. By connecting sustainability to career development, we offer education and training that relates to real-life experience. This also allows applied work knowledge,
thus ensuring a true understanding of how natural resources are used and not wasted. As a member of the workforce and student, you will develop the crucial skills needed to advance in a workplace that has a green-collar agenda.

The programs go beyond the transfer of information by integrating the technical application of sustainability into every course. The traditional business acumen now being taught is to apply sustainability to decision making at every level. Through the accredited coursework and hands-on learning, you will be able to transfer knowledge that leads to innovative new ways of doing business in a 21st century workplace.

The Center’s courses are designed to create a sustainable workforce that will differentiate your business from the competition. By preparing skilled, certified staff, identifying environmental management solutions, and the use of sustainable systems, your business will have a clear competitive advantage.

What courses are offered?

Click here to view a comprensive list of our course offerings.

Who should attend?

Business development managers, corporate social responsibility managers, line supervisors in corporations and government agencies, and students with interests and career goals aimed at leveraging sustainability to improve business results.

Need more information?

Contact us!
James Kleemeier
Workforce Development Center
(513) 569-1643

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