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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Continuing Education Classes

BLS for Healthcare Providers 

A course for professionals who respond to respiratory and cardiac emergencies. Topics include: adult and pediatric CPR, AED, stroke, and barrier devices.
Prerequisites: None.

Basic EMT Refresher

A course that follows the curriculum set by the Ohio Department of Public Safety Division of EMS. Topics include: patient assessment, airway management and intubation, CPR, trauma, medical emergencies, pediatric emergencies, childbirth, anatomy and physiology of the heart, and geriatrics.
Prerequisites: Current Basic EMT card.

Paramedic Refresher

A refresher course for current paramedics. Topics include: patient assessment; cardiac, respiratory, and pediatric medical emergencies; EMS operations; and disaster and emergency planning. Follows the curriculum set by the Ohio Department of Public Safety Division of EMS.
Prerequisites: Current paramedic card.


EMS Instructors Course

A State of Ohio EMS Instructor’s course. Topics include: teaching techniques for the adult learner, instructional techniques pertinent to the field of EMS, supervised teaching, and skills testing. Students must have five years in the EMS field at the current level and have achieved a minimum of 70% on the state knowledge test.
Prerequisites: None.

First Aid 

A basic first aid course. Topics include: recognizing and responding to emergencies and proper first aid for injuries, sudden illness, and medical emergencies. Students who successfully complete the course receive a First Aid card.
Prerequisites: None.

Heartsaver AED

A course for the lay responder on basic techniques of adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using an automatic external defibrillator.

Life Support Classes

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support - Provider / Renewal
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support - Provider / Renewal
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support



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