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Nurse Training: Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer


This course is for nurses interested in teaching nurse aides. Ohio long-term care codes require that nurses who serve as Program Coordinators (PCs) and Primary Instructors (PIs) for Training and Competency Evaluation Programs (TCEPs) take a state-approved Train the Trainer (TTT) course.


  • Ohio Nursing License (RN or LPN).
  • Resume. You must have two years (3,200 hours) of nursing experience as a licensed nurse caring for the elderly or chronically ill individuals of any age. This experience may be obtained through employment in a LTC facility, home health agency, or hospital providing care to chronically ill or other LTC setting.

Please provide written documentation of 3200 hours on company letter-head from employers and submit it with your registration and resume. You must include contact name and number of employers so that it can be verified.

  •  You must meet the above criteria in order to attend this Train the Trainer course and receive a Certificate.
  •  In addition, to be a Program Coordinator (PC), one year (1,600 hours) of your experience must be in a LTC facility.
  •  Note: Ohio rules specify that RNs may be PCs or PIs in any TCEP; LPNs may be PIs in facility-based programs only.


Train the Trainer / Modified Version (Refresher Course):

Ohio nurses who have the prerequisites above, and who also have a degree in education, or a vocational education certificate for teaching health occupations from the Ohio Dept. of Education, or who have successfully completed an Ohio TTT course within the past two years but have been inactive as PCs or PIs are eligible to take the modified version of this Train the Trainer course. The fee is $200.

Registration requires proof of eligibility (i.e. copy of diploma for your education degree, Vocational Education Certificate, or TTT certificate)  registration form, resume and documentation of 3,200 hours nursing experience.


In order to receive a Train the Trainer certificate, Participants must give acceptable presentations and score at least 70% on the exam.

Registration, with verifiable documentation and payment must be submitted at least 8 days before the start of class. The documentation and verification is required by the Ohio Department of Health.



$695 Train the Trainer (Four Day)
$200 Modified Version (One Day)

Payment must be received before class begins in order to attend. 

For registration information, please contact us:

By phone:
(513) 569-1643 local
(888) 569-1709 toll free

In person:
Workforce Development Center
10100 Reading Road
Cincinnati OH 45241

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