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Essential Elements of Social Media for Business Professionals

Institute for Social Media

Consulting Services and On-Site Training  

Often times, organizations need to train many people or an organization needs assistance with specific issues they deal with everyday. The Institute for Social Media’s Consulting Services and On-site Training are designed to address these situations and work with you to address your organization’s particular goals.  


Who Benefits from Social Media

Social Media is being used in all organizations by business professional in sales, business development, marketing, public relations as well as business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are not yet using social media or if you want to improve the overall performance of your organization’s social media activities, our consulting services and on-site training can help improve employee skills and your organization’s results.  

What You’ll Take Away

Institute for Social Media Consulting Services and On-Site Training focuses on understanding:

  • The importance of social media and what it includes
  • The strategy behind social media
  • The various tools available and when to use them
  • How and when to use social media professionally and personally
  • How to improve an organization’s social media performance
  • The activities necessary to develop social media communication

Consulting services and on-site training s centered on practical instruction from knowledgeable experts. You’ll be able to transfer your learning to the workplace immediately.


Courses for On-Site Training

Choose from among these courses for your on-site training or let us tailor something specifically for you.


Introduction to Social Media and Social Media Tools

Gain a foundation for using social media. Learn the concepts, tools and uses of Social Media to achieve your objectives while staying relevant to customers and ensuring maximum results. Learn about the most popular tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs. Learn how to get started and how to measure your success. At the end of the class, you’ll walk away with actionable steps that can be implemented immediately. 

Getting Started with LinkedIn Workshop

Learn the key functions of the largest online professional network and how to use them. Learn how to set up a personal LinkedIn profile, respond to and request invitations to connect and begin building your professional online network. Profiles will be at least 80% complete at the end of the workshop.

Getting Started with Facebook & Twitter Workshop

Learn the key functions of the largest social networks and how to get started using them. Learn how to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts, how to post content, use hashtags (#) and how to appropriately interact with others. Facebook and Twitter accounts will be set up during the workshop.

How to Write a Social Media Marketing Plan Workshop

Define your strategy and learn return on investment principals. How do you reach your social media objectives? During the class, you’ll identify your social media strategy based on your social media objectives. Learn the power of selecting metrics and incorporating return on investment principles into the strategy to ensure success.

LinkedIn Marketing: Generating Leads & Converting to Sales Workshop

Learn advanced features that make LinkedIn powerful in both B2B and B2C situations. Learn how to use the critical features of LinkedIn to nurture the growth and effectiveness of your professional network. Identify ways to help your connections generate more sales and awareness for your business. Participants will build profiles to at least 90%. Prerequisite: established LinkedIn account.

Facebook Marketing: Turning ‘Likes’ into Sales Workshop

Learn advanced features of Facebook to reach target markets in ways that promote sales. Learn how to create Facebook promotions, contests and ads to increase awareness for your organization. Learn how to use custom tabs, insights and community page management as well as leverage best practices for turning likes into sales.

Social Media Content: What to Say and When to Say it Workshop

Learn how to identify, find and re-purpose content. Social media is about sharing information, expertise, and value with your unique voice. Content is what feeds your voice, and pulls in the attention and engagement you want for your business. Learn best practices as well as how to easily refresh your content from your company and what is available within your industry.


Call us at 513-569-1643 for more information about our On-Site Social Media Training and Consulting Services or click here to contact us via email


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