College Important Dates Chart (College Calendar)

This document contains information for academic activities such as:
  • semester start and end dates
  • College holidays and breaks
  • deadlines for registering, adding, dropping, and withdrawing from classes
  • deadlines for graduation petitions

2019-2020 College Important Dates

College Important Dates
2019 - 2020
19/FA 20/SP 20/SU
First Day of Classes Full Semester 08-26-19 01-21-20 05-11-20
First Day of 10 Week Session 09-30-19 02-24-20 06-01-20
Last Day of 10 Week Session 12-14-19 05-02-20 08-08-20
Last Day of Classes Full Semester 12-14-19 05-04-20 08-22-20

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