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Proof of Financial Support

What is proof of financial support?

Before an international applicant can be accepted as a student at Cincinnati State, you are required to submit documentation showing that you have enough money available to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses for two years.

How much financial support do I need to show?

  • You or your sponsors must be able to show available funds of $43,000, which is the estimated cost of attending Cincinnati State for two years.
  • This amount is based on an estimated cost of $21,500 per year, and includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, health insurance, and transportation.

What if I am not able to cover the entire estimated cost?

  • In the past, applicants have solicited financial assistance from their home-country government or from an organization in their country.
  • If a sponsor provides you with free room and board, that expense will be deducted from the total amount of financial support you are responsible for.
  • International students are not eligible for financial aid or educational loans in the U.S. You must be able to gain sufficient sponsorship before being accepted to Cincinnati State.

How do I submit proof of financial support?

  • Obtain and fill out the Certification of Finances Form, available from the International Student Affairs Office.
  • If a sponsor is helping to pay for your education, they will need to complete the “Parent/Sponsor” section of the form.
  • If a sponsor is providing a place for you to live for free while studying at Cincinnati State, they will need to complete the “Affidavit of Sponsors Providing Free Room and Board” section of the form.

Return the form by email: Sign the completed document, scan it and save as a PDF file, and email to:

Return the form by Postal Mail: Sign the completed document and mail to:

International Student Affairs
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
3520 Central Parkway, Room 196 Main
Cincinnati, OH 45223


Contact the Office of International Student Affairs at (513) 569-4769 or

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