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Student Testimonials

See how real students benefited from Cincinnati State’s co-op program while they were in school and after graduation.

Pamela Hausgen

Accounting, Pre-Business
Pamela decided to go back to school to better herself and advance her career by taking on a double major in Accounting and Pre-Business at Cincinnati State. Her first co-op job was at the tax accounting firm Flynn & Company, where she…Read more.

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Jessica Ramsey

Associate of Arts
Jessica has always been a people-person and enjoys talking to and meeting new people, which is why she chose a focus in communications as part of her associate’s degree. As a co-op student at Cincinnati State’s Humanities and Sciences Division, she was able to …Read more.

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Alex Dick

Computer Network Engineering Technologies
From a young age Alex had always liked working with computers, so his program advisor at Cincinnati State suggested that he pursue a degree in Computer Network Engineering Technologies. His position as a Network Co-op at UC Health was his first real job ever and helped Alex…Read more.

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Matthew Willman

Associate of Science Degree
Matthew Willman knew that his career path would involve doing something in the field of science, but he couldn’t imagine working inside a lab all day. He wanted to find a way to combine his interests in science, food, and farming with…Read more.

Rebecca Barrett

Associate of A​rts
After completing her service in the Ohio Army National Guard, Rebecca Barrett started in the Associate of Arts program at Cincinnati State with plans to transfer to a four-year college afterwards. When it came time to fulfill her co-op requirements, Rebecca attended a co-op orientation session where…Read more.

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