Jessica Ramsey

Associate of Arts

Jessica has always enjoyed meeting new people, which is why she chose a focus in communications as part of her associate’s degree. As a co-op student in Cincinnati State’s Humanities and Sciences Division, she was able to put her interpersonal skills to use working with students and faculty members on a daily basis as a member of the team that coordinates co-op and program options.

She said her co-op experience helped her develop valuable professional skills by working in an office environment and taking on responsibility for scheduling appointments and managing work flows.

“If I never had the co-op and just did straight classes I wouldn’t have learned how to multitask as much as I do," she said. "That’s a part of my job and it’s huge for the co-op position.”

Jessica credits her co-op job with giving her the opportunity to meet more people and network with faculty and staff from all over campus, something else that she would not have had the chance to do from the classroom.

“I think it’s definitely important to have that hands-on experience,” she said.

After graduating, Jessica plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communications.

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