Matthew Willman

Associate of Science Degree

Matthew Willman knew that his career path would involve doing something in the field of science, but he couldn’t imagine working inside a lab all day. He wanted to find a way to combine his interests in science, food, and farming with his desire to work outside in the community. His internship at Cincinnati’s Civic Garden Center was the perfect opportunity to get his hands dirty and learn more about community gardening and sustainability.

Along with his regular garden projects, Matthew worked on a field study on “green manure” as well as a community program that helped individuals and groups start their own gardens, and an annual survey of neighborhood gardens. He also worked with Civic Garden Center employees and volunteers to take soil samples, plant green manure crops, and monitor plant growth and soil changes.

Matthew’s internship reinforced his desire to work in sustainable agricultural and motivated him to further his education by enrolling in Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Science.

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