Student Code of Conduct

Judicial Procedures

Emergency Removal for Threatening or Disruptive Behavior

There will be occasions when, in the opinion of the instructor or other students, inappropriate classroom behavior by a student involves an imminent threat to safety or threatens to disrupt seriously the classroom education process. In these circumstances the instructor should immediately contact Cincinnati State Police and have the student removed from the class. The Cincinnati State Police will provide an incident report for the Associate Dean of Enrollment and Student Development for Student Conduct Code review. The instructor or staff member is also required to complete a Student Incident Report/Referral form outlining their perspective of the incident.           

Threatening or disruptive behavior can be described in many ways. The definition will be left to the discretion of the classroom instructor or students at the time of the incident. In cases of uncertainty it is recommended to err on the side of safety. The incident will be immediately managed and the rights and safety of all will be protected.

If emergency removal of a student is prompted by a physical altercation or an arrest because of an on campus incident, the student shall be immediately referred to the VP of Enrollment and Student Development and shall not return to class without permission from the VP.

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