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OSHA 4-Hour Scaffold Safety for Construction & General Industry "Competent Person" Workshop

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The target audience for this training program includes: Individuals who are entering the workforce and need to attend OSHA mandated entry level safety training.

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Course Description

Those who successfully complete the course will possess a basic understanding of OSHA Scaffold Safety Protection regulations and how they apply in the construction and general industry workplace. Each student will be awarded an OSHA Scaffold Safety Competent Person course certificate.

Course Objectives

Help students gain an understanding of:

  • Key safety requirements on Scaffold Operations in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926 Subpart L
  • Key parts of the ANSI Scaffold Safety Program
  • Key elements of the Scaffold Safety Plan
  • The role of the Competent Person
  • The role of the Qualified Person
  • How to identify and explain the three types of temporary work platforms as identified in this standard
  • Suspended Scaffolds operations
  • Key hazards regarding scaffold operations
  • The use of Fall Protection in Scaffold operations
  • The use of “approved” materials when constructing or repairing a scaffold
  • Recognizing the design load of a simple supported scaffold

Course Features

  • This course features lecture-discussion, fall protection safety equipment demonstrations and use, hands–on demonstrations and use.
  • Content is written to meet specific curriculum as listed in OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 Scaffold Safety program training requirements.
  • Student is issued a student course book and other class resources along with OSHA & ANSI technical references.
  • All content has been developed and created by industry leading subject matter experts with years of operational experience. The course material is reviewed at least annually by instructional designers.

For More Information

Bob Cutajar, Program Coordinator
Cincinnati State Workforce Development Center
10100 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, OH. 45241
Office (513) 569-5731

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