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Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Professional Development


This course is offered at clients’ location.


The target audience for this course includes students who are familiar with Six Sigma Green Belt principles and are seeking to obtain a Green Belt Certification. Students will be expected to have a basic understanding and knowledge of Six Sigma processes, as well as statistics, project management, process management, process groups, and Lean Six Sigma.

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Course Description

This course presents an overview of the key concepts for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification test. It will explore processes and team management, operational metrics, and key tools and techniques to achieve process excellence.

Course Objectives

  • Justify the value of Six Sigma metrics
  • Analyze customer information within a potential Six Sigma project
  • Apply the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) process
  • Apply theories of team dynamics to improve Six Sigma process
  • Apply the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) process to a potential project
  • Generate process management documentation
  • Analyze the effects of Statistical Process Control (SPC) on performance
  • Analyze process capability in the context of performance
  • Apply Design of Experiments (DOE) to a potential project

Course Features

  • This course prepares an individual to sit for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam
  • Content is written to meet specific curriculum and course outcomes and every piece of content is mapped to a specific objective
  • Includes instructor resources, optional assignments and assessments, and optional book readings all tied to course objectives
  • All content has been developed and created by industry leading subject matter experts and instructional designers

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