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Process Technology for Manufacturing - Chemical Operator


Fall 2020 Schedule Chemical Operator Level 1
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Advanced Manufacturing


Eight separate chemical firms came together to share a crucial shared business need: a significant lack of new chemical operators with basic industry skills and knowledge. In collaboration with Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center and the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA), this newly formed Technical Advisory Committee of industry and educational experts outlined a plan to develop a pipeline of skilled workers for this vital industry.

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The result of this initiative is the creation of the Process Technology for Manufacturing course, an accelerated training program for new employees. The course is offered one day a week, for 15 weeks, and includes classroom, laboratory, and field training from industry experts. The training topics were selected by the industry representatives, and focus on the skills needed to enable new employees to provide immediate contributions to the production operations.
This course also awards college credit that can be applied towards a Chemical Technology Associate Degree, and is a pathway for those in the field to pursue advanced education. 


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Jerry Whitaker, Assistant Business Manager
Cincinnati State Workforce Development Center
10100 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, OH. 45241
Office (513) 569-4857


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