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Advisor information helps students STEP Up to Semesters

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new link on the Cincinnati State Intranet page provides quick access to materials advisors can use while helping students make plans for the transition to semesters.

The link to these materials is on the lower left side of the Intranet page of MyCState; look for the Semester Transition "clock" logo.

Materials available include:
- a copy of the STEP form (Semester Transition Education Plan) that students use to document the classes they plan to take during the final three terms and after semesters begin. Two versions of the form are in use, one for students completing Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees, and another for students completing all other degrees.

- a list of all the general education courses planned for semesters, showing course titles, descriptions, and credit hour value.

- a "crosswalk" of all classes planned for semesters, showing how "old" term courses and "new" semester courses align.

Other materials on the intranet site include drafts of planned changes for College transcripts and for displaying some term-to-semester conversion information in Colleague. These information processing changes are still underway.

Please encourage all students you interact with to meet with their advisor (if they haven't done so already) and complete a written plan to STEP Up to Semesters!

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