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Team Building Events at Midwest Culinary Institute—your entrée to a successful future

Kitchens, cooking, and great food bring people together. That’s why the Midwest Culinary Institute offers culinary teambuilding, designed for corporations, agencies, and other organizations seeking to build or mend bridges, strengthen work relationships, innovate, and more.  

This exciting event takes associates out of their comfort zones and into a professional kitchen, along with a highly skilled culinary expert.

The prospect may seem daunting to those with little culinary experience, as well as for those who think they know how to cook. The fear factor soon dissipates as participants work together to achieve culinary and team goals. 

Who’s in the kitchen?

A typical MCI team-building cooking class is a three-hour experience. Up to 20 participants, divided in teams, tie on their aprons and immediately jump into a crash course on using culinary utensils.

They proceed through a well-orchestrated cooking session and innovate by blending their individual tastes and personalities into one unique, successful culinary creation to be shared by all.

What are the takeaways?

Each team has an extraordinary workday experience, based on ordinary, everyday life experiences: cooking and enjoying great food.

Participants tell us they enjoy “a celebration of fun” while building knowledge they can use to create dishes at home for friends and family.

Other valuable “deliverables” include:
  • Teambuilding without really trying
  • Camaraderie built through communication and accomplishment
  • Opportunities to experiment and share ideas while bonding with colleagues
  • A chance to create and taste interesting, delicious cuisine
  • A printed memento of all the dishes created during the day
Plus all participants receive an official Midwest Culinary Institute apron to wear proudly as a symbol of success in the kitchen.

Want to know more?

For more details on MCI culinary teambuilding, as well as a helpful assessment of whether it is right for your group, please contact:
Michael Vanfleet
(513) 569-5813

Our culinary team-building experts will customize a program that meets your organization’s objectives, in the timeframe that’s best for you.

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