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Summer Semester 10-week classes

Take a full semester class in only 10 weeks this summer.

If you want to stay on track for your degree, but not spend the whole summer in school, consider a 10-week course.
  • Summer Semester 10-week classes begin Monday, June 4, and end Saturday, August 11.
    • Most classes meet 1, 2, or 3 times each week
  • Nearly 100 different classes are available!
    • Many classes offer you a choice of days/times
  • Many Cincinnati State classes meet degree requirements at other colleges/universities.
    • If you're home for the summer, consider an affordable and efficient Cincinnati State class that will meet requirements at the college/university you attend

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ACC-101 Financial Accounting
ACC-102 Managerial Accounting
ACC-130 Payroll Procedures
ACC-135 Financial Statement Analysis
ACC-180 Federal Taxation: Business
ACC-202 Intermediate Accounting 2
ADC-100 Drugs in Society
ADC-105 Addiction, Counseling, and Diversity
ADC-110 Pharmacology of Addiction
ADC-120 Addiction Screening, Assessment, and Treatment
ADC-205 Addiction Studies Practicum
ART-110 Introduction to Art
ART-141 Drawing 1
AUTO-100 Intro to Automotive Tech
AUTO-150 Brakes
CET-105 Introduction to Surveying
CET-115 Architectural Drafting and Computer Aided Design
CET-120 Advanced Computer Aided Design: Revit Architecture
CET-125 Statics and Strength of Materials (CET)
CET-130 Building Codes and Materials
CET-135 Construction Estimating
CET-200 Structural Design
CET-220 3D Modeling: Revit MEP and Revit Structure
CET-225 Building Construction
CET-240 Cost Engineering
CET-265 Subdivision Design and Drainage Control
CET-280 Civil Engineering Technology Architectural Capstone
CET-285 Civil Engineering Technology Construction Management Capstone
CET-287 Geospatial Surveying
CET-290 Civil Engineering Technology Surveying Capstone
CHE-121 General Chemistry 1
CHE-122 General Chemistry 2
CHE-131 General Chemistry 1 Lab
CHE-132 General Chemistry 2 Lab
COMM-105 Interpersonal Communication
COMM-110 Public Speaking
COMM-120 Mass Media and Society
ECE-180 Infant and Toddler Environments
ECE-220 Preschool and School Age Environments
ECO-105 Principles of Microeconomics
EDU-110 Educational Technology
EMET-180 Process Instrumentation
EMET-246 Laser 2
EMET-270 Robotics and Servomechanisms
ENG-101 English Composition 1
ENG-102 English Composition 2: Contemporary Issues
ENG-103 English Composition 2: Writing about Literature
ENG-104 English Composition 2: Technical Communication
ENG-105 English Composition 2: Business Communication
EVS-120 Environmental Geology
EVT-180 Environmental Statistics
FYE-100 College Survival Skills
FYE-105 College Success Strategies
FYE-110 Community College Experience
HST-111 American History: Early Settlers to 1877
HUM-191 Part-Time Cooperative Education 1: Associate of Arts and Sciences
HUM-192 Part-Time Cooperative Education 2: Associate of Arts and Sciences
HUM-194 Part-Time Career Education Project 1: Associate of Arts and Sciences
HUM-195 Part-Time Career Education Project 2: Associate of Arts and Sciences
HUM-291 Full-Time Cooperative Education 1: Associate of Arts and Sciences
HUM-292 Full-Time Cooperative Education 2: Assoc
HUM-294 Internship: Associate of Arts and Sciences
HUM-296 Full-Time Career Education Project: Associate of Arts and Sciences
IM-105 Keyboarding Skills
IM-111 Computer Applications 1
IT-100 Computer Programming Foundations
IT-105 Information Technology Concepts
IT-110 HTML with CSS and JavaScript
LAW-101 Business Law
LIT-210 The Short Story
LIT-230 Drama
MAT-131 Statistics 1
MAT-151 College Algebra
MAT-251 Calculus 1
MGT-101 Principles of Management
MGT-105 Human Resource Management
MGT-130 Project Management
MGT-140 Quality Management
MGT-220 Leadership
MGT-290 Business Management Capstone
MKT-101 Principles of Marketing
MKT-115 Marketing Research for Multimedia Profes
MKT-130 Professional Selling
MKT-205 Marketing Research
MKT-250 Digital Marketing and Social Media
MUS-102 Music History: 20th Century
PSY-100 Applied Psychology: Human Relations
PSY-110 Introduction to Psychology
PSY-205 Child Development
RE-100 Real Estate Principles and Practices
RE-105 Real Estate Law
SOC-105 Introduction to Sociology
SWK-110 Introduction to Social Work
THE-105 Theater Appreciation
THE-110 History of Theater
WLD-115 Gas Metal Arc Welding and Flux Cored Arc

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