Surge ID Card & Parking

All Cincinnati State students, faculty, and staff are required to have a SurgeCard with you at all times for security purposes.
Learn More About Surge ID Cards

What is a SurgeCard?

The SurgeCard is the official identification card for all Cincinnati State students and employees. Your SurgeCard provides access to a variety of services on campus, including:

  • Library
  • Computer Labs
  • Fitness Center
  • Game Room
  • And more!

How do I get a SurgeCard?

To obtain a SurgeCard, you MUST be enrolled and registered for classes at Cincinnati State.

  • Bring a photo ID and seven-digit ID number (not your Social Security number).
  • Be prepared for a photo. Hats, headgear, and sunglasses are not permitted in the photo.

When and where can I get a SurgeCard?

SurgeCards are available in the Student Activities Office, Room 204 ATLC (Advanced Technology & Learning Center)
Phone: (513) 569-5747
Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Hours are extended during the first week of each semester (Fall and Spring), and Summer hours will be posted.


You can also request a Surge card through MyCstate. Click on the Online Surge Card Office tab and sign up. SurgeCards requested online will be mailed to you.

What is Surge Debit and where can I use it?

You can apply money to your SurgeCard to use for products and services on Cincinnati State’s campus.

Add funds to your SurgeCard in these ways:

  • via credit card online at MyCState’s Online SurgeCard Office
  • at Bakery Hill
  • via cash using the VTS machine located outside the Student Activities Office (ATLC 204)

After you add debit funds to your SurgeCard, you can use your card at these locations:

  • Campus Bookstore
  • Overlook Café
  • Bakery Hill (Receive a 5% discount at Bakery Hill when you use your Surge card.)
  • Library (for printing)
  • Open Computer Lab (for printing)

How do I use my SurgeCard for printing?

Each SurgeCard is pre-loaded with $18, giving you the ability to print 225 free sheets each semester in the Library or the Open Computer Lab (Rooms 316 and 317 ATLC). If you reach the limit of 225 free copies, you may add funds to your SurgeCard to pay for additional printing, at a cost of $0.08 per sheet.

I lost my SurgeCard. How can I get a replacement?


What else should I know about SurgeCards?

  • Your first SurgeCard is free.
  • Your card lasts as long as you are a student or College employee; there is no expiration date.

I have more questions– who can help me?

For answers to your questions about SurgeCards, contact the Student Activities Office at (513) 569-5747 or visit ATLC Room 204.

Parking on campus is free at our Middletown, Evendale, and Harrison campuses. On Clifton Campus, affordably priced parking passes and off-street parking are available.

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