Do you enjoy solving problems and want a career where you can make a real difference? Consider becoming an engineering technician. In this hands-on field, you’ll help create practical solutions that improve people’s lives every day.

At Cincinnati State, we offer a variety of engineering technician programs to prepare you for an exciting career. Save 50% compared to 4-year colleges with our engineering technician programs, offering specialized training and industry certifications to jumpstart your career.

Why Become An Engineering Technician?

Good Pay

The average yearly salary for engineering technicians in 2023 was $64,020.

Career Growth

Keep learning and advancing in industries driving innovation.

2-Year Program

Fast-track your career with essential skills in just 2 years.

Affordable Education

Our program costs just $16,167 on average before financial aid.

Make an Impact

Your work can positively impact society.

Earn & Learn

Earn $18,000+ during your co-ops

Is An Engineering Technician Career Right For You?

Engineering technicians combine problem-solving skills with a hands-on approach to tackle real-world challenges. If you have abilities like these, this career could be the perfect fit:

Analytical Skills
Break down complex problems step-by-step to find solutions.
Math Skills
Perform calculations and apply math concepts to technical issues.
Technical Skills
Operate tools, equipment, and technologies used in engineering.
Identify issues or flaws and develop effective solutions.
Eye for Detail
Understand all aspects of a project to catch and fix errors.
Communication and Teamwork
Collaborate with others and clearly explain your ideas.

Benefits Of An Engineering Technician Career

As an engineering technician, you’ll enjoy great advantages both on and off the job. With this associate degree, you can work full-time and earn money to help pay for an advanced degree in Mechatronics or other Engineering technology fields.

If you’re ready for a hands-on career involving real-world solutions, apply for one of our engineering technician programs today!

Engineering technicians are sought after in numerous industries, providing ample job opportunities.
Local Opportunities
Ohio is becoming a semiconductor industry hub with many future jobs.
Good Salaries
Engineering technicians often earn some of the highest starting pay for new graduates.
Variety of Fields
Work in aerospace, civil, industrial, environmental engineering, and more industries.
Global Impact
Your work will contribute to major developments and infrastructure improvements worldwide.
Leadership Roles
Engineering technicians can advance into management and leadership roles.
Help People
By making systems safer and more efficient, you’ll raise the quality of life for communities.
Job Stability
The technical skills and knowledge you gain will ensure long-term job security in a constantly evolving industry.

How to Take the Next Step Today

Your path at Cincinnati State starts when you apply, but If you’re not quite ready, you can reach out with any and all questions or explore college and program details like key dates, courses, costs and financial aid options via the links below or by requesting your starter kit.

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