Health Unit Coordinator Certificate (UCMR)


The Health Unit Coordinator certificate helps students develop marketable skills as entry-level medical clerical workers. Job duties include assembling and maintaining patient charts; processing doctors’ orders; processing admissions, transfers, and discharges; and scheduling diagnostic procedures.

The certificate program includes online coursework covering Health Unit Coordinator procedures and communication skills (about 85% of the program), as well as unpaid, on-site clinical observation at an area healthcare organization.

The Health Unit Coordinator program meets the standards of education published by the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators. Completion of the program qualifies students to take the national certification exam for Health Unit Coordinators.

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Health Unit Coordinator Certificate (UMCR)

Program Prerequisites: AFM 095 Foundations of Basic Algebra or appropriate placement test score, IM 105 Keyboarding Skills or appropriate keyboarding score, and MCH 101 Medical Terminology 1 or MCH 104 Comprehensive Medical Terminology (minimum grade C for either).

MCH 102 Medical Terminology 2 2
MCH 110 Orientation to Health Records 3
MCH 120 Health Unit Coordinator Training 4
Total Credits 9