The Office of the Registrar assists current students and alumni with key services related to registration and records including:

  • Course registration for students 
  • Transcript review for students transferring to Cincinnati State from another college or university 
  • Degree audits to track progress towards graduation 
  • Transcript requests for current students and graduates 
Important Registration Dates

Need registration dates and deadlines including first day of classes, and drop and withdrawal deadlines? 

View Important Dates

Please go here to search for classes, if you are not a current student.

To apply as a non-degree seeking student at Cincinnati State, please visit our Admissions page.

Before registering, please make sure you have completed the following steps:

  1. Click the ‘Important Dates’ link above for the date you may begin registering for a semester.
  2. Review the new online Self-Service functionality.
  3. In Self-Service, check your student account and pay any outstanding tuition bills under the ‘Student Finance’ tile 
  4. Check the status of your financial aid reward under the ‘Financial Aid’ tile.  
  5. Make an appointment with your advisor. 

When you are ready to register for classes:

For information about the graduation process and our annual Commencement ceremony, please visit the Graduation and Commencement page.


Registration Activity Request

Personal Data Change 

Request  Enrollment Verification 

Petition for Academic Forgiveness

Petition for Fresh Start

Intent to Participate in Commencement

Request for Duplicate Diploma or Certificate

Residency Review

Complete Withdrawal from the College

Authorization to Release Student Records


I did my registration, drop, or withdrawal online– did it go through?

Log into ‘MyCState’
Click on ‘Self Service’
Click on ‘Student Planning’ tile, then on circle 2 OR Click on Academics using the Left Navigation Bar then on ‘Register for Classes’
Your classes will be listed on the ‘Schedule’ tab, use the arrows to ensure you’re on the correct term.

I checked Blackboard and it says I’m not registered (for one or more classes).

The list of classes you see in Blackboard is not an official indicator of the classes you are registered for. A course is listed in Blackboard only if your instructor is using Blackboard. To verify the courses you are registered for, Log into ‘MyCState
Click on ‘Self Service’
Click on ‘Student Planning’ tile, then on circle 2 OR Click on ‘Academics’ using the Left Navigation Bar then on ‘Register for Classes’
Your classes will be listed on the ‘Schedule’ tab, use the arrows to ensure you’re on the correct term.

I moved from Kentucky or Indiana to Ohio. Why am I being charged out-of-state charges? 

As a resident of Kentucky or Indiana, your tuition bill will state “Out-of-State Tuition.” However, based on tuition reciprocity agreements, you will pay the in-state tuition rate if you live in one of the applicable counties in Kentucky or Indiana

I am a veteran and I am being charged out-of-state fees– why?

 It may be that at the time you applied, you indicated on your application that you had not lived in Ohio for one year or more. As a veteran, you are entitled to in-state tuition as long as you meet requirements for the Ohio GI Promise. Please complete and submit to the Registrar’s Office an Ohio GI Promise Residency form, a DD214 form, and either a copy of your lease or deed, or a copy of your Ohio Driver’s License. 

Why am I being charged a supplemental fee for a class I dropped on the first day of the semester?

A supplemental fee is charged for some courses because of special materials and/or equipment a student may use in that course or in a set of related courses. If you did not receive the materials/equipment, go to the Associate Dean for the academic division that offers the course, and request a credit to your student account equivalent to the supplemental fee. 

If I drop a class or withdraw from all classes, will it affect my financial aid?

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid before you make adjustments to your schedule to find out how these schedule changes could affect your financial aid. 

How do I know what classes I need to take?

Contact your academic advisor to discuss the classes you should take for your degree or certificate program.  

When will my diploma be mailed?

Diplomas are usually mailed six weeks after the end of the semester, after grade changes and other updates to records are completed. Your graduation date will be posted on your official transcript after it has been determined that you have met all requirements for the degree or certificate you are completing. 

What do I need to do in order to graduate?

Students who complete all requirements for a program are automatically graduated by the Office of the Registrar, if your Academic Evaluation (Degree Audit) is in a complete or pending complete status. Please contact your academic advisor with any questions about your degree requirements. To participate in the Commencement ceremony, you must submit an Intent to Participate form, under Forms on this site.  

Contact Registration

Room 105 in the ATLC Building
Phone: (513) 569-1522
Fax: (513) 569-1883

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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