Important Dates

Information below describes semester start and end dates, dates for College holidays and breaks, and class drop/withdraw dates.

For complete information about other deadlines, such as dates for registering, adding, dropping, and withdrawing from classes, and deadlines related to financial aid, students should log in to MyServices.

First Day of Classes – Full Semester05-09-2208-29-2201-17-2305-15-23
First Day of Classes – 10 Week Session06-06-2210-03-2202-21-2306-05-23
Last day to Drop – Full Semester Class (100% refund)05-15-2209-04-2201-23-2305-21-23
Last day to Drop – 10 Week Class (100% refund)06-08-2210-05-2202-23-2306-07-23
Last day to Drop – Full Semester Class (50% refund)05-22-2209-11-2201-30-2305-28-23
Last day to Drop – 10 Week Class (50% refund)06-13-2210-10-2202-28-2306-12-23
Last day to Withdraw – Full Semester Class08-01-2212-17-2204-12-2307-31-23
Last day to Withdraw – 10 Week Class07-23-2212-17-2204-15-2307-22-23
Last Day of Classes – Full Semester08-20-2212-17-2205-06-2308-19-23
Last Day of Classes – 10 Week Session08-13-2212-17-2205-06-2308-12-23
College Closed:22/SU22/FA23/SP23/SU
Labor Day09-05-22
Veteran’s Day11-11-22
Thanksgiving Break11-23-22…11-26-22
Winter Break12-23-22…01-02-23
Martin Luther King Day01-16-23
President’s Day02-20-23
Spring Break3-18-23…3-19-23
Memorial Day05-30-2205-29-23
Independence Day07-04-2207-04-23
College closures for weather or other emergencies will be announced via social media and at the top of website pages.