Stay Ahead with Summer Classes

Taking summer college classes can be a smart and efficient way to make progress towards getting your degree of choice, stay on track with your academics, and take advantage of resources and opportunities.

There are several reasons why you might consider taking summer college classes:

student at a computer in a audio/visual control room viewing monitors with multiple camera angles.
AVP Offerings: Intro Audio/Video Production, Digital Video Editing, Audio Editing & Mixing, Multi Camera, Video Compositing, Audio Production, After Effects, Color Grading
  • Make progress towards your degree
    • Summer college classes can help you complete your degree requirements quickly and graduate sooner. Picking up a summer class while home for the summer from your current college, then transferring those credits, can keep your momentum towards obtaining your degree going.
  • Focus on a difficult subject
    • If you’re struggling with a particular subject, taking a summer class can help you focus on it without the distractions of a full course load.
  • Smaller class sizes
    • Summer classes tend to have smaller class sizes, which can mean a more focused learning experience. This is particularly helpful for those classes that fill up quickly in the fall and spring semesters! The coursework requirements are the same as the regular academic year, but can be achieved in a shorter amount of time. It’s a great time to have access to more personalized attention from your instructor.
  • Explore new subjects or refresh your understanding of what you already know
    • Summer classes can be a great way to explore new subjects or fields of study without committing to a full semester or academic year. It can also help to ensure that your knowledge remains current, by enrolling in a certification program or taking a focused course that targets a specific skill.

Ultimately, taking summer college classes can be a great way to accelerate your degree work, focus on difficult subjects, and take advantage of smaller class sizes!

survey students using a theodolite to measure horizontal and vertical angles outdoors
SUR Offerings: Construction Layout, Surveying History, Boundary Surveying 2, Control Surveying, Surveying Laws and Ethics

Think taking a summer course is a good fit for you? Cincinnati State offers accessible and affordable summer classes that support your learning in the warmer months, bringing our students closer to the degree or certification they desire. To get started, go here to schedule a campus tour, learn about our program information sessions, and see the resources we offer.

Additionally, our next Welcome Day takes place on April 27 @ 5:30PM for those students who will be taking summer classes with us. This is an on-campus event for new students to prepare for the upcoming semester. This event is not Orientation, but an opportunity to confirm the information covered in the Online New Student Orientation, tour the Clifton campus, learn about navigating MyCState, pick up student ID, finalize financial aid, and get your questions answered. Register here.