Self-Service Student Planning

The Student Planning tile allows you register for classes and plan your full degree program timeline.

Before registering for classes, be sure to make an appointment with your academic advisor to review your program plan.

To get started, choose either:

  • Circle 1 – ‘View Your Progress” OR
  • Circle 2 – ‘Plan Your Degree & Register for Classes’

Jump to a Topic Walkthrough:

Review your Academic Evaluation (Degree Audit)

  • Click on Circle 1 – ‘View Your Progress’
  • This is your ‘Academic Evaluation’ (Degree Audit)
  • Program information, including cumulative gpa, is listed
  • Academic requirements show a status and also the status of courses within the requirements (for example: in progress, planned, or not started)
  • Click ‘View a New Program’ to see how current courses would fit into a new program’s requirements. This is a temporary view. To change to a new program, students must submit the ‘Add or Change Major Form’ through MyServices.

Plan Your Degree Timeline

  • Click on Circle 1 – ‘View Your Progress”
  • Using your ‘Academic Evaluation (Degree Audit)’, view courses that still need to be planned to complete your degree
  • To add an individual course to your plan, click on the course to add
  • Click the ‘Add Course to Plan’ button
  • Choose which ‘Term’ from the dropdown inside the popup
  • Click ‘Add Course to Plan’
  • To view all planned courses – Click ‘Student Planning’ under the ‘Academics’ link at the top, then ‘Go to Plan and Schedule’
  • Click on the ‘Timeline’ tab
  • You may drag and drop planned courses into terms as needed

Register for Classes

  • Click on the ‘Student Planning’ tile, then on circle 2
  • OR click on ‘Academics’ using the left navigation bar then on ‘Register for Classes’
  • On the ‘Schedule’ tab, use the arrows to ensure you’re on the correct term
  • Click ‘Register’ below each class section on the left within your cart OR ‘Register Now’ above the weekly view
  • Classes that are successfully registered will turn GREEN
  • Any classes with restrictions will stay YELLOW (Planned) and include a notification banner at
    the top of your screen with further instructions
  • You may Save to iCal and/or print your schedule once registered

Drop a Class

  • Click on the ‘Student Planning’ tile, then on circle 2
  • OR click on ‘Academics’ on the left navigation bar then on ‘Register for Classes’
  • Click ‘Drop’ on the left under the class you wish to drop
  • Confirm the correct class is checked and click ‘Update’ on the pop-up

Choose a Different Class Section

  • Click on the ‘Student Planning’ tile, then on circle 2
  • OR click on ‘Academics’ on the left navigation bar then on ‘Register for Classes’
  • Click ‘View other sections’ under the desired course on the left
  • All class section options will appear on your weekly view
  • Hover over a section in your cart to highlight it on the weekly schedule view
  • Once the new class section is selected, click on the new section in your cart
  • Click ‘Add Section’ when the popup appears
  • Delete the previous section by clicking the ‘x’ in the right corner
  • Click ‘Register’ in your cart under the new class section
  • The section will change to GREEN once registered
  • Save to iCal and print a new schedule to reflect changes

Add Yourself to a Waitlist

  • Some full or closed class sections have a waitlist
  • From the course catalog OR your ‘Schedule’ tab in circle 2 of ‘Student Planning’, click the ‘Waitlist’ button to be added to the list.
  • After you’ve been added to the wait list, the button below the class section will change to ‘Drop Waitlist’ if you wish to be removed.
  • If an opening becomes available, an email will be sent to your Cincinnati State email address giving you 24 hours to register for the class in Self-Service

Remember to review Important Dates for the semester!

Questions? Email the Registrar Here!