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Cincinnati State Bookstore

Cincinnati State’s National City Bookstore is your one-stop shop for textbooks, Cincinnati State clothing and gift items, school supplies, and more. Bring your class schedule at the beginning of each semester to find out what textbooks and supplies are required for all your classes.

You can visit the bookstore while on campus on the Ground Floor of the ATLC Building or visit the online bookstore.

Bookstore Contact information:

Phone number - 513-569-1507
Email –
Website –

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There is a bookstore branch located at the Middletown Campus that is open at the beginning and end of each term. They only stock books for classes taught on the Middletown Campus, however, online orders filled by the Clifton bookstore can be picked up in Middletown for no additional charge. For this option, please allow for an extra 2 days of delivery time.

Cost of Books

The cost of books and supplies can vary greatly from term to term. The Bookstore staff works hard to provide as many used textbooks as we can source. The average expense for books and supplies for a full time student is $550 per term, but it does vary based on how many and what kind of courses you are taking. Many of our books can also be rented for the length of the semester as a cost saving option. The first school term usually is the most expensive one as students purchase books and supplies that they also use in later terms. If you see a listing in your registration designating your class as “includED” then you have already paid for your book as part of the course fees. Often there is a print component available to students in ATLC room 215 provided at no additional cost, but please ask a bookstore employee for details on your specific classes. For more information on the includED or Rental programs, please contact the Bookstore.

Students may purchase books at the Cincinnati State Bookstore, online, or at an off-campus textbook vendor. Students are advised to learn about bookstore policies, including return policies, before purchasing books.

Tips for Getting Books

Always bring your class schedule with you. Books are organized on the shelves alphabetically by course (i.e. ACC through WEB), so knowing your course numbers is a must. Always look for the bright colored signs – these will let you know if something different is going on with your course. For example, you may have a choice of two titles or your online section could be using a different book than the other sections.  When in doubt, just ask. The friendly bookstore staff is always eager to help you find what you need.

Financial Aid and the Bookstore

Students with excess financial aid funds are able to use them at the bookstore for required materials if their account meets all the criteria. If you want to be able to use your funds for textbooks and supplies, please make sure all your forms are submitted on time to the Financial Aid Office prior to the start of the semester. Once the funds have been made available at the bookstore, you will just need to bring in your student ID and your registration statement with you to the bookstore so we can help you get the right books for your classes – or you can use financial aid to purchase your books online at You may only use your financial aid to purchase required books and materials. Funds usually remain available for the first 5 weeks of classes. Feel free to contact the bookstore if you have questions about this process. 

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