Ohio Reach Scholarship

Ohio Reach Scholarship

The Ohio Reach Scholarship is a $1,000 renewable award given each semester. Students who receive the scholarship may renew it for up to two semesters per year, for up to four years.

Awards can be used to cover tuition and fees, room and board, or books and supplies. In the event these things are covered, students may use funds for other costs associated with schooling. Award winners will be given information on tax responsibilities at the time of award.


Applicant must have been in the custody of a public children service agency for at least one day after the age of 13. The applicant can have exited the system via reunification, adoption, kinship care, or emancipation.

Applicant must be enrolled either part-time or full-time pursuing a certificate, Associates degree, or Bachelors degree at an accredited higher education institution in the state of Ohio.

High school students must have accepted an offer from a post-secondary institution in the state of Ohio.

Application Steps

Complete the Ohio Reach Scholarship Application at ohioreach.org

  • Include a copy of your transcript. Unofficial copies with the school seal are accepted.
  • Include one letter of reference from an adult who knows you. This may be a teacher, social worker, mentor, employer, or other adult. Please do not have a friend or peer write this letter.
  • Include a student statement:
    • This is a 1-2 page statement describing your educational story.
      • This should include:
        • Educational and career goals
        • Why you chose those goals
        • Your plan to achieve your goals
        • Your financial need
        • Information on other resources that you are connected with, including financial aid and other scholarships

All applications can be submitted directly on our website: https://ohioreach.org/scholarship

Scholarship Renewal

The Ohio Reach Scholarship is a renewable scholarship. Students who wish to renew the award must provide a one-page update on their goals and progress every semester at the time of renewal. Student must also provide GPA for the year.

Students below a 2.0 GPA should include a plan in the one-page update on how they will increase their GPA to meet the 2.0 minimum in the coming year. Students who fall below the 2.0 GPA two years in a row will not be eligible for renewal, but can reapply at a later date.