Purpose:  A resume is a document that introduces your skills and qualifications to potential employers.  The goal is to get an interview.

Think like an employer – what relevant skills and abilities do you have that the employer is seeking?

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Types of Resumes

  • Chronological – presents your education and work experience in a straightforward, reverse chronological order (most recent first). If the majority of your work experience is related to your stated job objective, this style can be effective.
  • Functional – A functional resume differs from a chronological resume by concentrating on your skills that relate to your stated objective rather than on the jobs you have had. A functional resume is particularly effective if your work experience has not been closely related to your job objective, if you are changing careers or if you are seeking a promotion. In this format, you elaborate on the skills necessary to perform the desired job and how you have demonstrated those same skills in a different type of job.
  • Combination – Sometimes a combination format will adequately suit a jobseeker’s needs. This can, for example, help to highlight both a chronological employment history while simultaneously highlighting some outstanding skills and achievements.

Key Elements of a Resume

  • Key Elements of a Resume include and are dependent upon the focus of your job search:
    • Personal Contact Information (Name, E-mail, Phone)
    • Objective or Professional Summary
    • Education
    • Work and Related Experience
    • Awards and Honors
    • Activities
    • Skills

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