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The Honors Program at Cincinnati State welcomes academically talented students who are looking for educational challenges, and who wish to go beyond the classroom to explore fresh ideas and new areas of interest.

The Honors Program is open to all degree-seeking students who meet the program entrance criteria. Cincinnati State offers scholarships and financial aid earmarked specifically for students in the Honors Program.

Reach deeper, stretch wider

Students in the Honors Program participate in challenging coursework, close student-instructor interactions, and interdisciplinary and intercultural explorations.

The goals of the program are to develop intellectual curiosity and analytical thinking, interdisciplinary understanding of academic content, social and community responsibility, cultural and international awareness, and leadership skills and personal growth.

Benefits to the student

Enroll in specially designed Honors courses, learn with other highly motivated students, work closely with advisors and staff to reach deeper and stretch wider in your studies while having fun! View more benefits.

Academics & Curriculum

Enroll in such specially designed Honors courses as English Composition, Psychology, and Anatomy and Physiology. Participate in multi-disciplinary colloquiums designed to enhance analytical and creative thinking. View sample courses and colloquiums.

Activities & Events

Students in the Honors Program participate in a variety of cultural, social, scientific and community-building activities and events. These create learning experiences for the students. Learn more.

Joining the Honors Program

The Honors Program at Cincinnati State is open to all full-time and part-time degree seeking students in all divisions who meet Honors Program entrance criteria. View the entrance criteria

Honors Application

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Honors Program Scholarship

If you are an incoming student, you may apply for the Honors Program scholarship.  The application is part of the Honors Program Application and will be considered if received by February 15.


Check out some frequently asked questions or contact the director of the Honors Program, Dr. Andrea Leslie, at (513) 569-1646 or

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