Students attended “Minorities in Honors” conference

Several students who are part of Cincinnati State’s Honors Program attended the National Society for Minorities in Honors Conference that took place October 13-15, 2022, at Northern Kentucky University. The theme of the conference was “Breaking Down Boundaries: Disrupting Honors and the Future of Honors Education.” 

Participating students (photos above and below) included Olivia Allen, Blessing Henderson, Simerpreet Kaur, Kevin Lynn, Suren Tamang, and Dawa Waiba.

The conference program included panels, workshops, and roundtables that discussed a variety of challenges encountered and innovations applied when trying to expand institutional approaches to Honors courses and programs.

Blessing Henderson said, “My experience at the NSFMIH conference was not only informative, it was a life-changing event. To witness all of these students of color, from different walks of life, speaking about their experiences, made me feel like, ‘Hey, I deserve to be here, I am thankful to be here!’ I’d like to thank Professor Ryan Shadle and Dr. Andrea Trapp, our Honors Program director, for presenting us with opportunities like this one for growth and success.”

Olivia Allen
Olivia Allen

Olivia Allen observed, “I had never attended a conference like this before, and it was interesting and powerful to hear how similar our college experiences have been, regardless of what state we live in or the school we attend.”

“I loved hearing how other students are building their own communities for minority students in Honors and finding ways to change their Honors cohort structure to become more inclusive and supportive of a diverse group of students.”

Olivia added, “I hope the Cincinnati State Honors Program will be able to grow and make progress in these areas as well.”  

Kevin Lynn reported, “It felt from the moment I arrived that everyone wanted to listen and help everyone else with anything needed. It was a really fun experience, and it felt like there was diversity and intelligence flowing through the room.”