Campus Parking

Safe, accessible parking

Cincinnati State strives to provide safe, accessible parking for students, employees, and visitors to its campuses.

At the Middletown, Evendale and Harrison campuses, free parking is available at surface lots on site.

At the Clifton campus, students, visitors and employees have a variety of parking options:

  • Central Parkway Garage. Open to visitors, students and employees on a cash basis, $5 daily. It is also open to employees with a valid Surge card, and to students with a valid Surge card who have purchased parking privileges or who wish to use the debit feature on their Surge card,
  • Ludlow Avenue Garage. Open to employees and students who have purchased parking privileges.
  • Lot A. This surface lot, off College Drive on the west side of the campus, reserved for faculty and staff.
  • Lot C. This surface lot, adjoining Ludlow Avenue, is open to visitors and students on a $5 daily cash basis, and to employees or students with parking privileges.
  • Lot D. This describes the surface parking spaces wrapped around Main Building, which are reserved for employees.

Daycare Parking. Several spaces near the front entrance of Lot D have been designated for drop-off and pick-up at the William Mallory Early Learning Center. A valid daycare parking permit is required to use these spaces. Use of daycare parking spaces is limited to 20 minutes per use. Other spaces in front of Main Building have been designated for temporary parking.

Handicapped Parking. Handicapped parking spaces are lined in blue and are provided in both parking garages. A valid state-issued handicapped placard must be displayed when parking on campus. Students are also required to purchase a Cincinnati State term parking permit.

Motorcycle/Bicycle Parking. Motorcycle parking is permitted at the end of the Main Building, just off the front drive. All motorcycles must be registered with the Department of Public Safety in Room 7, Main Building. Bicycles must be secured to the racks; locations include the entrance to the Ludlow Avenue Garage and a shed near the Main Building load dock. Bicycles should not be chained to trees or light poles.

Campus police will provide limited automotive assistance (for a dead battery, for example, or keys locked inside a vehicle) to student and employee motorists with vehicles parked on College property. Emergency phones are located near all parking areas and in the garages. For assistance press the help button on the phone, or call (513) 861-8888.

Obtaining a student parking privilege

Student parking privileges (sometimes known as "term" privileges) are sold online through the MyCState webpage. Parking privileges are placed on a student’s SurgeCard, which is used to raise the parking gates. A student must have a valid SurgeCard in order to purchase a term parking privilege. A term parking privilege may be canceled and returned for a 100% refund during the first week of a semester, and for a 50% refund during the second week of a semester. Afterward parking privileges may not be returned.

Clifton Hills Parking Ordinance

The City of Cincinnati has passed an ordinance that essentially prohibits on-street parking by non-residents in the Clifton Hills neighborhood adjoining Cincinnati State's Clifton campus. The parking restrictions apply between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. to Clifton Hills Avenue, Clifton Crest Terrace, Clifton Hills Terrace and portions of Ludlow Avenue (between 785 and 877 on the west side and between 786 and 820 on the east side) and Old Ludlow Avenue (on the east side between 826 and 882); all these areas are marked by signs.

Parking Enforcement

The Campus Police Department enforces College parking regulations. Any violation can result in a citation. Citations must be paid or appealed within 10 business days from the date of issue. Any citation not paid or appealed within 10 business days of issue will double in cost, and the vehicle is subject to impoundment. After 30 days from issue, any unpaid citations will be automatically added to the student’s account.

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